How to remove NANO ransomware and decrypt .NANO files

December 26, 2018 Tim Kas 0

NANO is another cryptographer, extorting user money. this virus is an updated version of RAPID ransomware. Cryptovirus encrypts almost all user data on the computer using the AES algorithm. Audio files, videos, archives, office documents and other files are at risk. The virus makes these files unusable by changing the extension to .NANO. After encrypting files, NANO creates a #RECOVERY_FILES#.txt text file containing information about the ransom.

How to remove Target777 Ransomware and decrypt .***777 files

December 25, 2018 Rami Douafi 0

In this report, we will describe in detail the Target777 Ransomware cryptovirus, which has become very arrogant for many users around the world. Technically, this is an updated version of Defray 2018. Target777 is a cryptovirus that encrypts user data (these can be office documents, archives, songs, photos, videos, and much more).