How to remove WhiteRose Ransomware and decrypt .WHITEROSE files

April 2, 2018 Tim Kas 0

WhiteRose is another one of the dangerous viruses, called ransomware. After being installed on a machine, it encrypts users all files and their backups on PCs. After encryption, it is impossible to open users graphics, documents, sound or video files. Besides that, the virus creates and opens the note on a desktop. The main purpose of these actions is to get ransom in #BTC from victims. We urge you not to pay them as it’s fraught with money loss without any results. Use this article to remove Whiterose Ransomware completely from Windows 10, 8, 7 and decrypt .whiterose files.

How to remove SamSam Ransomware and decrypt .weapologize files

March 31, 2018 Tim Kas 0

SamSam Ransomware is wide-spreaded Ransomware virus. It encrypts files using AES or RSA cryptography. A Malware program also modifies filename with certain template, as a result encrypted files have the same names as the original files, but with modified extensions such as:
.encryptedRSA, .weareyourfriends, .weapologize, .areyoulovemyrans, .breeding123, decrypt .country82000, decrypt .country82000, .disposed2017, .disposed2017, .mention9823, .mention9823, .moments2900, .moments2900, .myransext2017, .myransext2017, .prosperous666, .prosperous666, .vekanhelpu, .vekanhelpu, .weapologize, .weapologize, 0000-sorry-for-files, .weareyourfriends, .weareyourfriends files
Besides, SamSam Ransomware creates an HTML file in the target’s folders with the names or names containing prefixes/suffixes such as:
– “-SORRY-FOR-FILES” (new variant) with following message:

How to remove Velso Ransomware and decrypt .velso and .david files

March 26, 2018 Tim Kas 0

Velso Ransomware is crypto-virus, that secretly infiltrates computers and encrypts user data. It encrypts files using symmetric or asymmetric cryptography (AES encryption) and appends .velso or .david extension. Velso Ransomware affects many types of files, that can be important for users: photos, videos, documents, project files of popular programs. The ID of the key and victim is generated by CryptGenRandom using AES-256 OpenSSL in ECB mode. Ransomware ask from $500 to $1000 ransom in BitCoins. Often, ransomware developers ignore victims after receiving the payment or send wrong decryption keys or decryptors. Use instructions on this page to attempt decryption of files affected by Velso Ransomware.

How to remove Scarab-Crypto Ransomware and decrypt .crypto files

March 22, 2018 Tim Kas 0

Scarab-Crypto is a parallel version of the Scarab Ransomware, which can cause troubles for users. The main purpose of such viruses is to encrypt most important files on user’s machine and to require a ransom from victims. Antiviruses without real-time internet protection are useless against Scarab-Crypto. A malicious program has unique symptoms: firstly, every encrypted file got a .crypto suffix using the AES. Coded files are impossible to view and edit.

How to remove BlackRuby2 Ransomware and decrypt .BlackRuby2 files

March 21, 2018 Aleksei Abalmasov 0

BlackRuby2 Ransomware is a second edition of wide-spread BlackRuby Ransomware virus based on InfiniteTear. It encrypts files using symmetric or asymmetric cryptography (AES encryption) and appends .BlackRuby2 (.BlackRuby-2) extension. Malware also modifies filename with certain template, and as a result, affected files look like this: Encrypted_[random_letters].BlackRuby2. BlackRuby2 Ransomware demands ransom in BitCoins. The previous version asked for $650. It checks the presence of following anti-viruses in the system: Avast, Avira, COMODO, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Symantec. Uses services to locate the user’s PC, up to the city. BlackRuby2, in comparison to the first version, also spreads in following countries: Afghanistan (AF), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Iran (IR), (Iraq) IQ, Pakistan (PK), Turkey (TR), Turkmenistan ( TM).