How to remove CryptoJoker and decrypt your files

January 13, 2016 Tim Kas 0

CryptoJoker is a malware that is named ‘ransomware’ for the basic principle it uses. CryptoJoker aims to frighten a user and make him or her pay money. For this purpose once CryptoJoker gets into the system it inserts executable files into the %Temp% and %AppData% folders. The program processes locate the most useful and valuable for user files and encrypt them. The tasks are also responsible for collecting the information on the user, sending it to the Command&Control server and stopping ‘regedit’ and ’taskmgr’ processes.

How to remove CryptInfinite

December 8, 2015 Tim Kas 0

CryptInfinite threat is classified as a ransomware that is created with the purpose of pulling money out the victims. One day you may turn on the computer and see a message with a threat appeared out of blue. The text of the message will say that your personal files have been hijacked – they are now encrypted and non operational. CryptInfinite malware uses RSA-2048 key and adds .crinf extension to encrypted files.