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Download .BAT file to delete Group Policies and get rid of unwanted extensions and search engines in browsers.

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  1. Very well done, I had no luck removing until I found your delete group policies zip file. It took all of two minutes to download and get rid of the persistent
    little **!!!** thanks a lot.

  2. This is the only thing that worked. “Free malware” removal programs either didn’t find it or wanted you to pay money to remove it. Thank you!

  3. you saved me man or woman whoever you are!!!
    Thank you man, i seriously thank you!!!
    trust me i have never thanked anyone this much as i do now!

  4. Oh it made so that I can change and delete HUGE THANKS MAN. If you get access denied then run as administrator.

  5. I really didn’t think that would work because i was struggling looking for ways to delete and i couldn’t until i found a vid with a link taking me here and i was quite happy that it’s gone now 😀

  6. THANKS, ik im fag**t and dont read those lil bars with other installations, but idk why people does this. Thanks again, only this removed it, no other sh*t free program. :>

  7. I couldnt find any extension to remove, I couldnt find any programm to remove, manually restore chrome didn work also, tryed to chance search settings but no success.
    It really worked for me! It is Free and by posting here is the less that I can do, in order to thank you!

  8. Fuck dude
    literally spent 5 hours trying to find the damn solution to this BS.
    Stumbled upon this and it finaly is gone, even malwarebites didnt do shit.

    very thankful indeed

    rlly the person who did that shit needs to be shot

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