SafeSearch Toolbar is a browser add-on that can be installed into all popular browsers in order to redirect all the search requests to the results that are very profitable for the toolbar. Usually this program appeared in the system when user installed it or installed any freeware that was downloaded from the unofficial website. If you are tired of the redirections of this toolbar, then you should uninstall SafeSearch Toolbar.

safesearch toolbar

Being installed into the browser, SafeSearch Toolbar changes the settings of the browser, such as the default search engine and homepage. Also typing the search term, you will notice only the sponsored links with the links to their websites.

If manual instructions and video seem difficult download SpyHunter – it is able to remove this adware.

download spyhunter

If you think that SafeSearch Toolbar was installed by itself, then you should know that it is impossible. Usually this and other types of adware are installed together with freeware. If you like freeware, then you should be ready to its presents, such as unwanted and unexpected browser add-on or any other programs that can be installed with it. But if you are very attentive person, then you will notice the check box “Install SafeSearch Toolbar” during the process of installation of your freeware, you should just clean this box and the program will not be installed.

If you decided to uninstall SafeSearch Toolbar with your own efforts, then you should perform the following instructions manually or download a free uninstaller that will do everything for you.

Manual instructions are here:

For IE:

  1. Open your browser, then press ALT+X buttons simultaneously, after then you should select Manage add-ons, then Toolbars and Extensions, find the toolbar in the list and disable it.
  2. Then you should change the browser settings and to select the search engine that you want to use. For that you should click on Search providers, then select the one you need. Set it as a default.
  3. In order to change the home page you should click Tools, then click Internet Options and change the homepage address in the General tab and click Ok.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click Tools, then click Options, set the homepage that you want and click Ok.
  2. Click the search bar in the browser, then click Manage search engines. Choose the Search engine and click OK.
  3. Then you should press CTRL+SHIFT+A on your keyboard, find the toolbar and remove it.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Press ALT+F buttons, then select Tools. Click on Extensions and uninstall SafeSearch Toolbar.
  2. Click Settings, then Open a page or set of pages, then Set pages. Choose the homepage and click Ok.
  3. Change the search engine. Click Manage search engines, set the engine that you want to use and click Done.

liFor Google Chrome:

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