Tim Kas

Tim Kas

Computer security specialist. I try to do my best and share my knowledge with you by creating simple-to-follow and useful guides on various topics about computer security.

How to uninstall (remove) Ao0c.club


What is Ao0c.club? Ao0c.club, also known as QXSearch, or QIP is a search engine, that is offered by QxSearch Inc. Despite, it looks like a legal website, in fact our opinion, that Ao0c.club (Searchgg – Custom Search) is dangerous for…

How to uninstall (remove) Hatnofort.com


What is Hatnofort.com? Hatnofort.com is an advertisement generator, that attacks can your web-browser. Despite it is relatively new, many users from different countries ask how to remove Hatnofort from the computer. You may notice, that Hatnofort.com constantly ask to show…