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Rami Douafi

How to remove Xoza Ransomware and decrypt .xoza files

Xoza ransomware is another representative of a large and very dangerous family of cryptoviruses, known as Stop. Like previous versions of this cryptovirus, Xoza ransomware encrypts user data using a multi-stage algorithm. In addition to encryption, this changes the extension of these files to .xoza

How to remove FTCode Ransomware and decrypt .ftcode files

FTCode ransomware is one of the representatives of numerous cryptoviruses that have spread all over the world and are terrorizing ordinary users and large companies and corporations. This is an encryptor that encrypts files located on the user's computer. As a rule, FTCode ransomware touches exactly the category of files that is most significant for the user.

How to remove Kuub Ransomware and decrypt .kuub files

Kuub ransomware is another representative of the large family of STOP (Djvu) cryptoviruses, which is distributed throughout the world. The activity, in particular, of this cryptovirus, was noticed in early October 2019. Like previous versions of cryptoviruses of this family, Kuub ransomware encrypts user data of various formats and types.