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Olga Karpuk

How to remove ads from MacBook

What is (Mac)? Some MacOS users reports, that their Internet Browsers, such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox start to show an annoying advertisement, provided by For example amazing amazon discount offers from or walmartwalmart offers. It's because…

How to remove (Airfind) is another copy of relatively known browser virus called Airfind. Xtconnect has the same features, like other Airfind mirrors. Firstly, changes default search engine by own one, but unlike others hijackers, it targets mostly mobile devices. Then it starts to analyze statistical data about user preferences, by collecting information about visited sites and overall time, which user spend browsing.

How to remove ’39 viruses were found’ pop up from your device

If the browser on your Mac, PC, iPhone or another device constantly shows pop up with header 39 viruses were found, you can be a victim of a dangerous virus. As well as others scam (pop up) viruses 39 viruses were found usually imitates huge troubles with user's smartphone, PC or Mac. The virus also shows nonexistent troubles with user's data and persuades users to spend money on ambiguous solutions, for example for antivirus software.

How to uninstall (remove)

s well as is a new pop up virus, that constantly shows ads with commercial offers on infected Internet browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. If your browser was redirected to, you should close this site as soon as possible.

How to remove Power Cleaner 2018

Power Cleaner 2018 is a relatively new software, which can cause discomfort and demand money from users. According to the developers, Power Cleaner 2018 is a legal software that help to optimize all PC settings, analyze and delete unwanted data and clean PC. Moreover, they claim that productivity will hardly increase, thanks to their program. Unfortunately, Power Cleaner 2018 is the low-quality software, that can be classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). When you try to use it, the program constantly displays a message that the user needs to buy the full version of the program.

How to uninstall (remove) created by ARTEX MANAGEMENT S.A is a typical browser virus, based on search engine, which changes browser settings for a purpose, which described below. Firstly, it is for logging users internet activity, visited sites and search queries. All this data can be shared with affiliates. Also, the virus usually starts to implement advertisement banners into the browser search results without the user's knowledge.