How to uninstall (remove) SystemKeeperPro

Developers advertise SystemKeeperPro as a system optimizer. According to them, this all-in-one tool is able to detect, fix system errors, and clean the PC. However, all this statements are false. All this is done only in order to attract the attention of the users. Once launched, the SystemKeeperPro starts forged scan. Then it displays fake alert about detected issues on your system that need to be fixed. But in order to fix the issues, you must purchase a full version of the program.

How to remove

Google Custom Search is a legitimate software from Google. According to the developers, the service allows the user to create specialized search engines based on their personal preferences and thematic interests. This notwithstanding, many users might be disappointed by the behavior of the program. After installation, Google Custom Search forcibly tweaks your browser settings so the homepage and default search engine will be changed to set

How to uninstall (remove) BackupGenie

BackupGenie is promoted itself like a legitimate tool that protect your data if something bad to happen to your system. The software does it by meant of backing up files, folders, documents, and other most data types. At first glance, the program seems very useful, but that's far from it. According to research by many influential computer resources, the behavior of BackupGenie can be classified as nagware.

How to uninstall (remove) PC TuneUp Maestro

PC TuneUp Maestro is a forged potentially unwanted program that, according to developers, makes your computer run faster. It is promoted as a system optimizer. After launching, the program will show you a lot of errors like outdated registry entries were been found on your system. Nonetheless, if you want to fix them, PC TuneUp Maestro will report that you must buy a full version of its program.

How to uninstall (remove) is a browser add-on that, upon the application of developers, enhances your Internet browsing experience. In sober fact, this is bare-faced lie. The behaviour of this program could be categorized as a hijacker. This infection tends to impact your internet browser by setting your homepage and search engine to either,,, or It will prevent all your attempts to restore your browser settings like it was before. Except that, the fake altered search results have no benefits for users, they can also redirect you to websites containing more dangerous malicious infections.