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Articles about removing ransomware that blocks Windows or browsers and can encrypt your data and demand ransom.

How to remove Barack Obama’s EBBV Ransomware and decrypt your files

Barack Obama's EBBV is another cryptographer extorting money from users. Unlike analogs, this encrypts executive files on the user's computer using the AES algorithm. The full name of the virus is Barack Obama's Everlasting Blue Blackmail. Moreover, the cryptovirus terminates the anti-virus programs installed on the user's computers and makes changes to the registry, changing exe files' icons.

How to remove EOEO Ransomware and decrypt .eoeo files

EOEO is similar in many ways to similar crypto hackers, for example, it encrypts user files such as photos, videos, audio, office documents, archives and so on. Attackers demand a ransom in bitcoins for decryption. EOEO differs from analogs in that it encrypts files several times, that is, it can encrypt data that has already been encrypted, and so on several times.