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Articles about removing ransomware that blocks Windows or browsers and can encrypt your data and demand ransom.

How to remove AresCrypt ransomware and decrypt .arescrypt files

AresCrypt is a fraudulent cryptovirus aimed at extorting user money. It encrypts user files, using AES algorithm, and change their extension to .arescrypt, after these the files become unusable. Photos, videos, office documents, archives and many other files can be encrypted by this virus. Manual recovery of files is complicated by the fact that it removes all shadow copies of files and system restore points, so you can not return the system to an earlier state.

How to remove Deep ransomware and decrypt .deep files

Deep is a cryptovirus that has become most active in July this year. After penetrating the PC, the virus encrypts user files of various formats, such as PDF files, office documents, video, audio, photos and others. After that, your files cannot be launched, since Deep adds an extension Deep to them. For example, the file flowers.png becomes, and docum.doc takes the form and so on. The virus creates a note and copies it to all folders containing encrypted files. Here is this note:

How to remove XeroWare ransomware and decrypt .XERO files

XeroWare is a crypto-extortionist which encrypts user files using various algorithms, the main one of which is AES. The full name of this virus is XeroWare Ransom 1.2. This cryptovirus became most active in early July of this year and infects a huge number of systems around the world. It encrypts user files of various kinds, such as office documents, PDF files, videos and photos, archives and much more.