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Articles about removing ransomware that blocks Windows or browsers and can encrypt your data and demand ransom.

How to remove PedCont Ransomware

PedCont Ransomware is a cryptographer, hitting personal data of the user, making them unusable, which threatens the loss of data. It affects various kinds of files, such as documents, image files, other media files, archives and much more.

How to remove RSAUtil Ransomware and decrypt .VENDETTA, .URSA, or other encrypted files

RSAUtil Ransomware is cryptovirus, which infiltrates user's PC and encrypts all files on it. Based on Delphi, RSAUtil spreads both on users PC or Servers, and the main purpose of this type of viruses - is extortion of money (750$ or more) from victims for potentially decryption of encrypted files. Usually, cybercriminals try to stay anonymous, they use bitcoins for transactions and remote servers for virus attacks. All encrypted files, for example, databases, documents, tables, photos, videos and other media files, gain a new suffix after encryption.

How to remove LockCrypt ransomware and decrypt .lock, .1btc or .mich files

LockCrypt Ransomware is encryption virus, that affects user files such as photos, documents, music, videos etc. It modifies filenames using certain pattern: it changes name of the file to random numbers and letters and alters extension to .lock, .1btc or .mich. Experts now research this virus, and we don't know if it uses symmetric or asymmetric cryptography, but currently, there is no automatic way to decrypt files encrypted by LockCrypt. But some users reported that they partially restored files, using shadow copies recovery. (Read our article about this method)