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Articles about removing ransomware that blocks Windows or browsers and can encrypt your data and demand ransom.

How to remove Scarab Bomber ransomware and decrypt .bomber, .glutton, or files

Scarab Bomber is a new version of the widespread Scarab Ransomware. Created in the Russian-language country, it spreads around the world, mostly in English speaking countries. The virus is very dangerous, because it crypts all files on victims PCs. Moreover, after encryption users can loose these files completely. Unfortunately, only a few versions of this virus are decryptable now. The latest versions of Scarab become very difficult to decrypt. Encrypted files got new .bomber, or extensions. For example 1.txt become 1.txt.bomber. Ransomware can encrypt doc, txt, pdf, xls, bmp, jpg, bmp, mp3, avi and many other files.

How to remove QNBQW ransomware and decrypt .qnbqw or files

QNBQW ransomware is a new crypto-trojan, which must be removed as soon as possible, because all files on your PC can be damaged by this virus. QNBQ encrypts all files on victims machines without their permission. Trojan uses special sophisticated algorithms - AES256, because of what the user cannot open the encrypted files or restore it without special knowledge, decryption or tool or recovery software. Also, it replaces file suffixes by adding .qnbqw to every encrypted file, for example, if you have a Photo123.png file, then its name becomes Photo123.png.qnbqw.

How to remove PGPSnippet Ransomware and decrypt .decodeme666@tutanota_com, .good and files

PGPSnippet Ransomware is another encryption virus, which brings a lot of troubles. It encrypts files that are usually the most relevant to the user, for example, text documents, images and photos, PDP files, and much more. It uses special sophisticated algorithms, because of what the user cannot open the encrypted files or restore it.

How to remove Gw3w ransomware and decrypt or reycarnasi1983@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion files

Gw3w ransomware is a new crypto-trojan called ransomware. According to some users, it is similar to B2DR ransomware threat. It encrypts the user data files, such as .doc, .xls office documents, PDF files, PNG photos, music, other media and so on. It also changes the files suffixes to or reycarnasi1983@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion.

How to to remove Donut ransomware and decrypt .donut files

Donut Ransomware, which shows activity at the early June this year, is a dangerous crypto-virus called ransomware. According to our partners, it is similar to many others ransomware threats. It encrypts the most important user files, such as office documents, PDF files, photos, music, other media and so on. It also changes the file extensions to .donut. The main encryption algorithm is AES and it should be noted that it is almost impossible to decrypt the files manually without special knowledge or tools. The main purpose of the cyber scammers is to force you to pay ransom for decryption.

How to uninstall (remove) How to remove Exocrypt XTC Ransomware 2.0 and decrypt .xtc files

Exocrypt XTC Ransomware 2.0 is an updated version of encryptor Exocrypt XTC, whose greatest activity was noted at the early May this year. According to the principle of work, this is similar to many analogs, pursuing identical goals. It encrypts the most valuable user data, such as office documents, PDP files, photos, other media and so on. It also changes the file extensions to .xtc.

How to remove Aurora ransomware and decrypt .Aurora files

Aurora Ransomware is crypto-virus which encrypts all user data without user permission. If you found any elements of this virus on your PC (see in related files and folders), you should turn off your internet connection and remove Aurora ransomware as soon as possible. After encryption, all files get .aurora suffix and after that, it is impossible to open, view and edit encrypted files.