Infected with BlackRuby2 Ransomware? Need to decrypt your files?

What is BlackRuby2 Ransomware

BlackRuby2 Ransomware is a second edition of wide-spread BlackRuby Ransomware virus based on InfiniteTear. It encrypts files using symmetric or asymmetric cryptography (AES encryption) and appends .BlackRuby2 (.BlackRuby-2) extension. Malware also modifies filename with certain template, and as a result affected files look like this: Encrypted_[random_letters].BlackRuby2. After encryption virus creates HOW-TO-DECRYPT-FILES.txt file with following message:

blackruby2 ransomware

=== Identification Key ===
=== Identification Key ===
[Can not access your files?]
Congratulations, you are now part of our family #BlackRuby Ransomware. The range of this family is wider and bigger every day.
Our hosts welcome our presence because we will give them a scant souvenir from the heart of Earth.
This time, we are guest with a new souvenir called "Black Ruby". A ruby in black, different, beautiful, and brilliant, which has been bothered to extract those years and you must also endure this hard work to keep it. If you do not have the patience of this difficulty or you hate some of this precious stone, we are willing to receive the price years of mining and finding rubies for your relief and other people of the world who are guests of the black ruby.
So let's talk a little bit with you without a metaphor and literary terms to understand the importance of the subject.
It does not matter if you're a small business or you manage a large organization, no matter whether you are a regular user or a committed employee, it's important that you have a black ruby and to get rid of it, you need to get back to previous situation and we need a next step.
The breadth of this family is not supposed to stop, because we have enough knowledge and you also trust our knowledge.
We are always your backers and guardian of your information at this multi-day banquet and be sure that no one in the world can take it from you except for us who extracts this precious stone.
We need a two-sided cooperation in developing cybersecurity knowledge. The background to this cooperation is a mutual trust, which will result in peace and tranquility. you must pay us worth of Bitcoins for restore your system to the previous state and you are free to choose to stay in this situation or return to the normal.
In the end, we have to mention a few things about the second version. Black Ruby Despite the early and false judgments of the news media about the false reports of fraudulent and slander about not sending decryptor to victims, the popularity of popular sites to attract visitors with the title "Black Ruby Removal", as well as blocking the allegedly secure service of Proton Mail that it was only our only email and the uncertainty of dear customers, is still standing and more powerful than before with the second version came to the field.
In this version, with a new approach and a small change, we are a guest of new hosts and also support the first version. our hosts are patient, slightly angry and 100% trustworthy. They know that the key is in our hands and titles like "Removing Black Ruby on the System", which are covered on most sites, is a big lie to advertising purposes. We have been working out deep earth for the extraction of black ruby and we have partnered with you to sympathize with us in this difficulty. We know that you are the only good protector of the black ruby and our only honored miner.
Do not forget that your opportunity is limited. From these limits you can create golden situations. Be sure we will help you in this way and to know that having a black ruby does not always mean riches. You and your system are poor, poor knowledge of cybersecurity and lack of security on your system!
1. Copy "Identification Key".
2. Send this key with two encrypted files (less than 5 MB) for trust us to email address \"%EMAIL%\" or on the Tor network \"%EMAIL2%\" (register in the torbox3uiot6wchz.onion and then send your request to our email address)
3. We decrypt your two files and send them to your email.
4. After ensuring the integrity of the files, you must pay us with bitcoin and send transaction code to our email (get our bitcoin address by email).
5. You get "Black Ruby Decryptor" Along with the private key of your system.
6. Everything returns to the normal and your files will be released.
[What is encryption?]
Encryption is a reversible modification of information for security reasons but providing full access to it for authorised users. To become an authorised user and keep the modification absolutely reversible (in other words to have a possibility to decrypt your files) you should have an "Personal Identification Key". But not only it. It is required also to have the special decryption software (in your case "Black Ruby Decryptor" software) for safe and complete decryption of all your files and data.
[Everything is clear for me but what should I do?]
The first step is reading these instructions to the end. Your files have been encrypted with the "Black Ruby Ransomware" software; the instructions ("HOW-TO-DECRYPT-FILES.txt") in the folders with your encrypted files are not viruses, they will help you. After reading this text the most part of people start searching in the Internet the words the "Black Ruby Ransomware" where they find a lot of ideas, recommendation and instructions. It is necessary to realise that we are the ones who closed the lock on your files and we are the only ones who have this secret key to open them.
[Have you got advice?]
[*** Any attempts to get back you files with the third-party tools can be fatal for your encrypted files ***] The most part of the tried-party software change data with the encrypted files to restore it but this cases damage to the files. Finally it will be impossible to decrypt your files. When you make a puzzle but some items are lost, broken or not put in its place - the puzzle items will never match, the same way the third-party software will ruin your files completely and irreversibly. You should realise that any intervention of the third-party software to restore files encrypted with the "Black Ruby Ransomware" software may be fatal for your files.
If you look through this text in the Internet and realise that something is wrong with your files but you do not have any instructions to restore your files, please contact your antivirus support.

BlackRuby2 Ransomware demands ransom in BitCoins. The previous version asked for $650. It checks the presence of following anti-viruses in the system: Avast, Avira, COMODO, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Symantec. Uses services to locate the user’s PC, up to the city. BlackRuby2, in comparison to the first version, also spreads in following countries: Afghanistan (AF), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Iran (IR), (Iraq) IQ, Pakistan (PK), Turkey (TR), Turkmenistan ( TM). Ransomware runs destructive commands to remove shadow copies, disable system restore, clear security and applicatioins logs. Follow instructions below to remove BlackRuby2 Ransomware and decrypt .BlackRuby2 files in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Update: Use following service to identify the version and type of ransomware you were attacked by: ID Ransomware. Also check following website for possible decryptor: Emsisoft Decryptors.

How BlackRuby2 Ransomware infected your PC

At this moment, we know that several e-mails are used to distribute .docx files with malicious macroses. E-mails are distributed all over the world. You can also get this ransomware on file-sharing networks, including torrent files. Ransom is asked to be paid in BitCoins, that also makes the task difficult for the police, as the user in this network is often anonymous. Encryption starts in the background. Way to protect your computer from such threats is to use antiviruses with crypto-protection like HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard.

First of all, don’t panic. Follow these easy steps below.

1. Start your computer in Safe Mode with networking. To do that, restart your computer before your system starts hit F8 several times. This will stop system from loading and will show Advanced boot options screen. Choose Safe mode with networking option from the options list using up and down arrows on your keyboard and hit Enter.
2. Log in to the system infected with the BlackRuby2 Ransomware virus. Launch your Internet browser and download a reliable anti-malware program and start a full system scan. Once the scan is complete, review scan results and remove all entries detected.

Recommended Solution:

Norton is a powerful removal tool. It can remove all instances of newest viruses, similar to BlackRuby2 Ransomware – files, folders, registry keys.


Download Norton*Trial version of Norton provides detection of computer viruses for FREE. To remove malware, you have to purchase the full version of Norton.

Step 2: Remove following files and folders of BlackRuby2 Ransomware:

Remove following registry entries:

no information

Remove following files and folders:

no information

How to decrypt files infected by BlackRuby2 Ransomware (.BlackRuby2 files)?

Use automated decryption tools

kaspersky rakhni decryptor for BlackRuby2 Ransomware

There is ransomware decryptor from Kaspersky that can decrypt .BlackRuby2 files. It is free and may help you restore .BlackRuby2 files encrypted by BlackRuby2 Ransomware virus. Download it here:

Download Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor

You can also try to use manual methods to restore and decrypt .BlackRuby2 files.

Decrypt .BlackRuby2 files manually

Restore the system using System Restore

system restore

Although latest versions of BlackRuby2 Ransomware remove system restore files, this method may help you partially restore your files. Give it a try and use standard System Restore to revive your data.

  1. Initiate the search for ‘system restore
  2. Click on the result
  3. Choose the date before the infection appearance
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Roll the files back to the previous version

Previous versions can be copies of files and folders created by Windows Backup (if it is active) or copies of files and folders created by System Restore. You can use this feature to restore files and folders that you accidentally modified or deleted, or that were damaged (in our case – BlackRuby2 Ransomware by BlackRuby2 Ransomware). This feature is available in Windows 7 and later versions.

windows previous versions

  1. Right-click the file and choose Properties
  2. Open the Previous Version tab
  3. Select the latest version and click Copy
  4. Click Restore

Restore .BlackRuby2 files using shadow copies

shadow explorer gui

  1. Download and run Shadow Explorer.
  2. Select the drive and folder where your files are located and date that you want to restore them from.
  3. Right-click on folder you want to restore and select Export.
  4. Once the scanning process is done, click Recover to restore your files.

Protect your computer from ransomware

hitmanpro alert with cryptoguard

Most modern antiviruses can protect your PC from ransomware and crypto-trojans, but thousands of people still get infected. There are several programs that use different approach t protect from ransomware and lockers. One of the best is HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard. You may already know HitmanPro as famous cloud-based anti-malware scanner. Check out ultimate active protection software from SurfRight.

Download HitmanPro.Alert with CryptoGuard

Information provided by: Alexey Abalmasov

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