Ce este eroarea 14 pe iTunes?

Proprietarii fericiți de produse Apple se confruntă rareori cu inconveniente asociate cu defecțiunile sistemului și alte probleme. In acelasi timp, programul iTunes, creat pentru a funcționa cu dispozitive bazate pe iOS și utilizat pentru diverse sarcini, can give errors at startup or during various manipulations, including at the time of restoring or updating the firmware of the device. Asa de, an unknown error 14 in iTunes is often found when launching an application, restoring, updating the firmware of an iPhone or other “apples” and speaks of software malfunctions, but in some cases the problem may be of a hardware nature.

Methods of fixing iTunes error 14

A message about this failure may indicate problems connecting the device to iTunes, the presence of corrupted program files and other problems. Error 14 often occurs when installing an unoriginal iOS OS or if you skip over the version. de fapt, there may be many reasons for the appearance of such a notification, so in order to eliminate the failure, you will have to try several solutions. Pentru început, you should check whether the date and time are set correctly on the iPhone and computer, because inappropriate settings may well cause a lack of communication. în plus, you can simply reboot the interacting devices, which often immediately eliminates error 14, but if this does not help, there are a number of simple methods that even an inexperienced user can perform.

Automatic method:

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Fix iTunes error 14 manual

Metodă 1. Cable replacement

As with any failure of this type, Puteți urma acest ghid pas cu pas pentru a elimina troianul Fakecalls de pe smartphone-urile și tabletele Android 14 error in iTunes is often eliminated after replacing the cable. The use of an unoriginal USB cord, even if certified by Apple, provokes incorrect operation of the program. Dar, even when connected via the original cable, which is equipped with iPhone 5, 5s and other “Apple” devices, problems may arise. Replacement will be required if any damage, oxidation, creases, etc. were found during the inspection of the USB cord, and the smartphone can be charged normally, but even minor cable defects interfere with the synchronization process with the computer.

Metodă 2. Actualizați, reinstall iTunes

To ensure the correct operation of the program, it is necessary to update it regularly. In addition to providing new features, bugs have also been eliminated in the latest versions. By going to the Help menu to the updates section, you can check the available options and, daca este necesar, refresh the application, then restart the computer. In the absence of the effectiveness of updating the program, its complete removal and re-installation can help. De multe ori, special tools like Revo Uninstaller are used for the purpose of uninstalling software, which contribute to the rapid and high-quality removal of applications and their components. After the program files are completely cleared, the computer needs to be restarted and the latest version of iTunes installed.

Metodă 3. Disabling antivirus, firewall

The software installed on the computer that protects the system from virus attacks can also block iTunes processes, taking them as a threat. În acest caz, errors may occur and it is impossible to perform the recovery procedure or other actions. You need to disable the antivirus, firewall for the duration of operations with the program, and if error 14 no longer appears, you should add the service to the list of exceptions in the security software settings.

Metodă 5. Using a different firmware

In the case of self-downloading iOS, there is a possibility that the reason for error 14 is the use of poor-quality custom firmware or the user is simply trying to jump over the version, de exemplu, downloading the ninth after the seventh. If an error appears already in the process, reboot, disconnect the device from the computer, and then reconnect and, performing the flashing procedure again, entrust the installation of the iTunes operating system without pointing to the downloaded file.

Metodă 6. DFU mode

It is not always possible to have time to reboot the iPhone in a timely manner, so if error 14 did not occur at the initial stage of the process and the previous method did not work, DFU mode is used for recovery, while there is a need to create a backup copy, since the data will be lost. You can enter the device into emergency mode as follows:

  1. Turn off your iPhone or iPad and plug it into your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. Make sure that iTunes or Finder are running.
  3. Important: Macs running macOS Catalina and later will use Finder. PCs and Macs running macOS Mojave or earlier will need iTunes.

  4. Press and hold the side button on your device for three seconds.
  5. While continuing to hold the side button, press and hold volume down. Hold both buttons for 10 secunde.
  6. Release the side button but continue holding volume down for another five seconds.
  7. Release volume down. If the screen is illuminated but blank, your iPhone has now entered DFU mode.
  8. Următor →, the only action option will be offered – recovery, by clicking on the appropriate button you will send your smartphone and iTunes to recovery mode, which was intended, and subsequent actions will be under the control of the system.

În cazuri rare, eroare 14 may be caused by hardware malfunctions, which is often also associated with the fall of a smartphone. In such situations, it is necessary to contact the service for diagnosis and repair. It is absolutely impossible to independently replace parts and carry out other operations with the device without special knowledge and skills.

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