How can a potentially unwanted software appear on iOS

通常, smartphones are “infected” in order to steal user’s personal data. 另一个例子是为了清除病毒而敲诈勒索. 这种现象最常出现在电脑拥有者身上, 但移动设备的所有者不能 100% 受保护.

在智能手机中, 在 Android 操作系统上运行的小工具感染风险最高. 原因是系统的开源代码, 它允许您从第三方来源安装应用程序. 不像安卓, iPhone 几乎完全免受病毒感染. 感染风险低的原因是程序只能从特殊的应用程序商店安装在 Apple 设备上, 每个程序都经过彻底检查. 因此, 你可以 100% 确保病毒不会通过软件. 但在极少数情况下, 恶意文件仍然设法闯入操作系统结构.

这以多种方式发生. 有时 AppStore 版主跟不上新程序的到来, 这就是为什么没有完全进行验证的原因. 开发人员可以将病毒隐藏得如此之深,以至于即使是专业人士也很难找到它. 也, 没有人能免于通过浏览器感染. 在这种情况下, 问题源于访问第三方资源.

如何找出 iOS 上是否存在隐匿垃圾软件?

与计算机病毒一样, 恶意软件通常会降低 iPhone 的性能. 您可能会注意到电池开始消耗的速度比以前更快. 当然, 其他因素也会影响电池寿命, such as colder weather and the age of your device. If you notice that now you need to charge your phone more often, I advise you to scan for malware.

When your phone is affected by malware, the device overheats faster. 再次, there are other reasons for overheating the phone, such as overcharging or a large number of running applications. 然而, if malware is installed on the phone, it will work with a higher load and seriously overheat.

I especially want to note that the malware that infected the iPhone is likely to affect not only the operation of the device. Attackers can steal your passwords and other sensitive data. Cybercriminals will sell the stolen information or use it to hack your accounts.

How to remove a potentially unwanted software on the iOS?

Clear browser history and data

As it was already found out at the very beginning of the material, the main reason for iPhone infection is visiting suspicious resources through the browser. It is possible that they act on the device with the help of Internet access.

The best way out of this situation is to clear the history and cache. Let’s look at how this can be done, using the example of the pre-installed Safari browser:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Choose Safari.
  3. Click the “Clear history and data” button.

如你看到的, everything is simple here. The data is instantly erased from memory, as well as the history of visiting pages. In theory, this should get rid of viruses running over the Internet, as well as improve the overall speed of the interface.


In order for the changes to take effect after clearing the browser, it is recommended to restart the iPhone. It is also necessary to perform the operation if it seems that the virus has got deep into the system. 毕竟, 实践表明, even the most serious problems have an extremely banal solution.

To restart, hold the device’s 功率 button until a notification appears on the screen. Then you need to swipe to the right so that the iPhone turns off. Then it remains only to launch the gadget and check its performance.

Make a full iPhone reset

摆脱病毒的根本措施是完全重置设置. 手术期间, 所有的文件, 包括病毒, 将被删除. 这是一劳永逸地删除恶意软件的唯一可靠方法. 下次发射后, 您将不得不使用您的 Apple ID 重新登录. 但是手机绝对不会有问题, 并且病毒将无法干扰工作.

为避免丢失重要文件, 在重置设置之前进行备份.

完全重置, 你会需要:

  1. 打开设置.
  2. Go to the “Basic” section.
  3. Select the “Reset” item.
  4. Click the “Erase content and Settings” button.

您还可以使用 iTunes 通过计算机重置设置. 对应项目在PC版程序的菜单中. 因此, 您可以根据具体情况选择最方便的清洁方法.

从备份中恢复 iPhone

恢复出厂设置后, 如何返回以前删除的文件的问题变得尖锐. 幸好, 创建备份完全解决了问题. 这里最重要的是下次打开它时不要忘记恢复备份.

也, 如果用户在病毒出现之前创建了备份副本, 然后恢复备份将有助于摆脱感染而无需重置设置.

恢复备份, 你需要:

  1. 打开 iPhone.
  2. Follow the settings until the “Programs and Data” menu appears.
  3. 请求恢复副本时, 选择适当的选项.
  4. 使用您的 Apple ID 登录.
  5. 启动复制恢复过程.
  6. 等待操作完成.
  7. 开启后可以恢复副本. 要做这个, 前往设置, 使用您的 Apple ID 登录, 并在 iCloud 菜单中选择备份恢复.

恢复所有文件后, 一定要检查智能手机的功能. 病毒可能会在几天内显现. 一定要记住这一点.


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