What is Topmedia.fun?

Topmedia.fun is a questionable domain that may start to appear on your screen in form of pop-ups. The main task of the domain is to get users to agree to receive push notifications from this site. A confirmation message is displayed on this site saying that clicking the “Allow” button will allow you to access extra content, watch videos, enable Flash Player, prove that you are not a robot, confirm that you are 18+, connect to the Internet, upload file, etc. Once it is turned on, Topmedia.fun push notifications will begin to appear in the corner of your screen from time to time and spam you with annoying advertising of dubious software, pornographic sites, and other trash. Of course, this will not allow you to travel peacefully on the Internet. You will need to remove Topmedia.fun if you want to work calmly on your computer.

Recommended Anti-malware tools:

Try Norton Mobile

Norton is a powerful removal tool. It can detect and remove all instances of newest viruses, pop-ups, ransomware or trojans.

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Remove Topmedia.fun pop-up from Chrome on Android:

  1. Open the Chrome app.
  2. To the right of the address bar, tap More.
  3. Choose and open Settings
  4. Tap Site settings and then find Topmedia.fun.
  5. Turn of Topmedia.fun pop-up from Allowed to Block.

Learn more about removing viruses from Android.

If you still got that problem, most likely there is a rogue application that causes Topmedia.fun pop-ups and redirects installed on your system. To finally get rid of Topmedia.fun adware, you should remove all recent suspicious programs that you are sure you didn’t install.

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