Should PC Performer be removed from your PC? Absolutely! It is a trouble that cannot be tolerated. PC Performer claims to be a PC optimizing tool that supposedly improves the work of your computer, however in reality the situation is opposite. The rogue is able to slow down your computer, it changes Internet connection settings and creates numerous useless files which it scatters throughout the system. The fake optimizing tool does it best to convince the users that it is a real program which has numerous useful functions. You should not trust its deceptive nature.

The rogue is very intrusive as well, it installs itself on your PC without asking permission. Then it will try to convince you that your system is in danger. It will send pop-up messages declaring various errors. The PC Performer rogue targets unprepared users. Since they do not remember downloading the rogue, as they see the pop-up message from a program that looks like a legitimate one, the users may naturally think that it is a message from a certain Windows program that they have never spotted before. And as a PC user that is not indifferent to the state of his/her computer, he/she will want to solve the problems.

If manual instructions and video seem difficult download Norton – it is able to remove this adware.

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However, the solution suggested by the rogue should not be even taken into consideration. Actually, the pop-up messages and the system scan should be ignored as well, since the program is nothing like a real optimizing tool. The program was specially designed to get money from unprepared users – the strategy is simple: you see the pop-up messages, you want to solve the problems, the program suggests you buy the full version of the rogue that is capable of solving them, and since you do not have another option – you do it. But what you really should do in this situation is remove the rogue immediately!

  1. Firstly, restart your PC in Safe mode. To do that during the reboot process click F8 button constantly. When you see the Advanced options menu, select Safe mode. Once the reboot is finished, stop the rogue’s processes. Access Task Manager by clicking Ctrl, Alt and Del buttons simultaneously. Locate the rogue’s processes and select each one of them, then click Ends Process.
  2. Now you may also try to uninstall the PC Performer rogue through Control Panel. Click Start button, then select Control Panel, then Add and Remove programs link. In the opened window locate the PC Performer and remove it. Wait until the removal process is finished. However, even if you managed to find the PC Performer rogue in the list of installed programs, and completed the removal – some files are still left on your PC. And they might bring the rogue back.
  3. Finally search for all the PC Performer’s files and registry values. Then remove all of them. Use the Search for files and folders utility in the Start menu and the Registry Editor to locate and remove registry values. To launch the Registry Editor click Start, then select Run and in the new opened window type “regedit”.

Also, the PC Performer rogue can be removed automatically. Automatic solution is highly recommended to those who need quick and efficient solution. PC Performer Removal tool will ensure that there are no PC Performer leftovers present in your system.


  1. i went to program uninstall and still can not remove this program. everytime I start to work on internet it starts a scan, I renewed my virus program and it attached to the program AVG I am very angry I need help

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