VoIP is the common name of communication protocols, technologies and methods, which provide the transmission of the speech signal over the Internetor over any other v IP-based networks. The signal is transmitted in a digital form over a communication channel and, as a rule, before sending it is converted (compressed) in order to remove redundancy. Voice and video calls through computer networks has become popular throughout the world since the beginning of the XXI century and is now widely used by private users and by the corporate sector. The usage of IP-telephony systems allows telecom operators to reduce the cost of calls (especially international) significantly, to integrate telephony services with the Internet and to provide intelligent services. There are some basic properties of IP-telephony systems:

  • Conference
  • Call Forwarding
  • Automatic Redial
  • Identification of caller ID

In the case of VoIP, these functions are available for free or almost for free, but in the traditional telecommunications companies they are usually paid.
So, as you can see VoIP is very useful, but there are cases when the user doesn’t need the program anymore (to some his personal reasons or maybe he just wants to install another program for voice and video calls) and he wants to uninstall VoIP form his computer, and it is almost impossible. They can try several different methods, but the program is not going to be removed. In this article we will give you several effective methods, which can be used in order to get rid of VoIP.

The first one is the following:

  1. Open Task manager by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-ESC
  2. Select the Processes tab
  3. Find the process that include “VoIP” in its name and end this process.
  4. Then you can use the system removal utility Add/Remove programs . Open Start Menu , select Control Panel , then choose Programs , then Programs and features .
  5. Find VoIP program in the list and click Uninstall button.

If this method was not helpful for you or you just think that it is rather hard for you to perform, so you can follow the second method:

  1. You should download any Uninstaller program, for example IObit Uninstaller , Software Uninstaller , FreeUninstallIt , Advanced Uninstaller or any other you like, no matter paid it is or not.
  2. Install the program on your computer.
  3. Run the program, use the unwanted program in the list and press the button Uninstall.

These programs are very easy to use and they can uninstall VoIP without any harm for the Registry or system files of your computer.

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