Windows Live Messenger is instant messaging that gives you the ability to send text massager to the receiver and also you can communicate with your friends and relatives by voice and video communication. This program has a great number of emoticons and you can also send some documents with the help of this program. But there are some cases when you need not this program, but, at the same time, you cannot uninstall Windows Live Messenger because Microsoft Company endeavored to protect its program against the removal, so it hid the program deep in your system and not every instructions will help you to uninstall this program. You can be annoyed with automatic pop-up of login window on the computer startup. So, here we will give you some helpful instructions, using which you will be free from this program once and forever.

The first common instruction for Windows Live Messenger removal is this one (for Windows 7):

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Type Programs and Features in the Search programs and files field and press enter (or open Add/Remove list and select Change/Remove).
  3. Find here Windows Live Essentials and open it, by double-clicking (this is not the unwanted program you look for, but still you should uninstall it, because Windows Live Messenger uninstallation can be performed in the case if this protection program will removed).
  4. Choose Uninstall and click Continue.
  5. Check the Messenger checkbox and click Continue.
  6. When it will be uninstalled you can close all the windows.

So if this method was not useful for you, so it is high time to use another one. So one more instruction is to download an uninstaller from the internet and use it to uninstall Windows Live Messenger. This program will not harm your computer, when uninstalling the program, because it will remove all the files, folders and registry keys that belong to the unwanted program. So, the registry of your computer will work fine, because no unnecessary keys and values of this program will remain. You can use any free uninstaller you like, for example Revo Uninstaller or Free Uninstall IT – these program are professional uninstallers that will let you to uninstall any program with the deinstallation of which you have problems. Due to these programs you can remove some other unnecessary files, folders or registry entries that were left after the uninstallation of some other programs.

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