Top 5 Ad Blockers for Windows


Although there is nothing wrong with the advertisement itself, since it allows many of our favorite sites to exist, some advertisements can be overly intrusive and intense. Moreover, online ads might pose a real threat to your system security and privacy as they can collect users’ sensitive data as well as redirect to malware-laden websites. So there is no doubt that ad blocker is an essential tool that lets you take control of your browsing experience. Of course, modern Internet browsers have integrated ad-blocking tools, but their features are very limited compared with third-party ad blockers. The best ad blockers can block annoying ads, protect your privacy and prevent your computer from getting infected with malware. In this article, we picked out the best ad blockers for Windows.

Тоp 5 antiviruses


US $29.88 / 1 YEAR | $79.99 / Lifetime

Download AdGuard






OS: Windows/macOS/iOS/Android | For: 3 devices (up to 9) | Distinctive Features: Powerful parental control, Browsing Security

AdGuard is an ultimate tool that completely prevents ads from being shown. To do this, special filters are used to block ads until the site loads, which helps to save traffic and speeds up page loading. The settings of this app are flexible and allow you to remove ads on certain sites according to your needs. AdGuard comes with many useful features, one of which is Browsing Security. Browsing Security module helps to detect and block risky websites in order to protect users from being infected with malware as well as protect their sensitive data. AdGuard is available for all popular platforms such as Windows/macOS/iOS/Android and if you want to get rid of countless ads that interfere with your browsing the web, you should definitely try this product.

  • Block any ads including pop-ups, banners, coupons, audi/ video ads, text ads
  • Protect against phishing attempts and malicious websites
  • Many customizable settings allow you to adjust every aspect of AdGuard
  • Lack of online tech support chat

Тоp 5 antiviruses


US $39.99$29 / 1 YEAR

Download GlassWire





OS: Windows / Android | For: 1 device | Distinctive Features: Visual Network Monitoring

The second product on our list is Glasswire. Although this is not quite an ad blocker, it can still be included in this group due to the ability to remove unwanted ads. Glasswire operates as a security screen that shields the user from malicious, phishing and fraudulent websites as well as blocks all advertising from them. Its main feature is that, unlike third-party firewalls, Glasswire uses the built-in firewall engine, which means that you do not need to disable it. Here you can find a bunch of settings allowing you to configure the many network-related events as you wish. It is worth noting that an inexperienced user can get confused in the many graphs and settings that the program provides, but everyone else should like it. In general, GlassWire definitely deserves your attention as it does exactly what it promises, combining the functions of a full-fledged firewall and ad blocker. You can try it by using a seven-day trial and see if it suits you.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy control of all network connections
  • Requires some online knowledge