Top 5 Anti-Malware programs for Windows


Here we go, the top 5 anti-malware list. First of all, I want to tell you, what is Anti-Malware. Anti-malware – is a software, that protects you from malicious programs like viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and so on. You may say: “Oh, such as Kaspersky, Norton or McAfee”. No, those programs are classified as antivirus software, they are good, but against viruses, trojans, crypts. Here you can find out more about the best antiviruses. Anti-malware programs are more suitable for such types of threats as adware, browser hijacker, and spyware, which are popular nowadays. Those kinds of malware are not dangerous for your PC but harmful for your privacy and your purse. Moreover, adware and spyware can download viruses and trojans or leave them access to your PC. So anti-malware is more functional then antivirus.


In many removal guides, you can see, that the most recommended programs are SpyHunter, AntiSpyware, AdGuard. Also, I want to add two less popular anti-malware: Stronghold AntiMalware and Zemana. Let’s speak about each one separately.


The first one will be SpyHunter, the product of Enigma Software Group. SpyHunter – is an anti-malware program, that mostly focuses on spyware, ransomware, popups, and adware. It can scan your PC, detect many kinds of threats (including viruses, trojans, adware) and remove them. Besides, WiperSoft protects your PC from the net attacks. This is a good anti-malware since it has got a good threat database, that updates every day. WiperSoft has got a free scanner, which you may see before on the banners, but it isn’t free at all, you can buy the full version for 39.99$.

spyhunter 5 main window

Main features of SpyHunter:

  • Huge threat’s database;
  • Detecting harmful registry keys;
  • Erasing harmful leftover items;

Download SpyHunter 5 Antimalware


Wipersoft Antispyware

Another strong anti-malware program is Wipersoft. This product has been created by WiperSoft. Like the other two anti-malware programs it has a good threat database, real-time protection, and scanner, that can find adware, spyware and delete them. But still, WiperSoft mainly focuses on viruses and trojans.


Features of WiperSoft Anti-Spyware:

  • Good threat’s database;
  • Doesn’t reduce computer performance;
  • Friendly interface;

Download Wipersoft Antispyware

As you see, this is a good product at a good price.

Stronghold AntiMalware

The next one is good old Stronghold AntiMalware, which was developed by Security Stronghold. Stronghold AntiMalware has a simple interface and mostly focuses on the removal of spyware and adware. In addition, it can reset browsers settings or remove malicious browser’s extensions and add-ons. It scans not only hard disk but registry and processes too. This anti-malware doesn’t slow your PC, even you running applications. The cost of 1 copy is 29.95$. Here you can see features:

stronghold antimalware main window

Features of Stronghold AntiMalware:

  • Doesn’t reduce computer performance thanks to Passive Defense Approach;
  • Search engine and Homepage resetting;
  • Simple and friendly interface;

Download Stronghold AntiMalware

Stronghold AntiMalware program is a pretty good product, it still has less database then WiperSoft, but has good protection and removals. So this has ratio quality to cost is high.

Adguard for Windows

Adguard has been developed by Adguard Software Limited. Adguard is an advertisement and popup blocker and also, it can give protection against online viruses. Also, threats can’t steal a user’s personal data, while Adguard is running. The price for a lifetime license is 24.97$.

Adguard main window

Features of Adguard:

  • Good threat’s database;
  • Doesn’t reduce computer performance;
  • Antivirus compatibility.

Download AdGuard for Windows

Adguard is like a shield against ads, banners, popups and adware. So it’s a good choice to have Adguard with Protection program on your PC. Ratio quality to cost – good.

Zemana Antimalware

And the last one is Zemana Antimalware. Another scanner, that can help you protect your PC, was created by Zemana Doo. It has a modern interface. Zemana can find adware and spyware too. If you accept the removing threats, the program starts removing, but after will reboot your PC, you can’t prevent it, so just wait!

Zemana Antimalware main window

Features of Zemana:

  • Good threat’s database;
  • Very good interface;
  • Antivirus compatibility;

Download Zemana Antimalware

The good choice for scanning and delete adware. Good ratio quality to price. Price per one year license $14,47


What we have? Five top anti-malware programs, with their own features. If you want to know my choice, here it is. I prefer to use Norton Antivirus or SpyHunter 5, because of their large databases and protection. Both of them have a good website, where it is easy to navigate. And there are good supports too. Those programs are not cheap, but worth it!


  1. SpyHunter 4 is free unless you wish to utilize certain features such as the malware removal after the quick scan. I used the free trial to highlight threats on my computer, which I manually removed.

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