Top 5 Firewall Software


A firewall is a protective shield between the global Internet and a user’s computer or an organization’s local computer network. It performs the function of checking and filtering data coming from the Internet. Depending on the settings, the firewall can skip them or block them (for example, if it detects worms, viruses, or a hacker attack). It would seem that choosing a firewall for a home computer is a simple matter, but firewalls are different, and the choice can be worth the effort and time. Today we look at five best firewalls (IMHO) that will save the computer from virus attacks and hacking.

Тоp 5 firewall software


USD $29 / 1 YEAR

Download GlassWire







GlassWire firewall protects the computer by visually presenting network activity on a convenient graph and helping to detect unusual behavior of malicious programs on the Internet. The installation of the program is simple and quite typical. Upon completion, the application will show us a beautiful graph of our network activity. The program offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and provides enough data to monitor your network and applications that use the network. If a new application or service accesses the Internet for the first time, the GlassWire application temporarily alerts you by providing detailed information. If it seems to you that the connection is unusual, you can block the application using the GlassWire firewall or start scanning the system using your main antivirus. GlassWire’s Firewall has both a “desktop” and a mobile version, a one-year subscription for one computer will cost $29.

  • High rates of blocking malicious sites
  • Beautiful interface
  • Not available for Apple Users

Тоp 5 firewall software


USD $29,95 / 1 YEAR

Download ZoneAlarm







ZoneAlarm offers two-way protection combining a powerful firewall with an antivirus based on the Kaspersky antivirus engine. ZoneAlarm also offers a unique function of identification and protection of personal data that not only blocks phishing and malicious sites but also protects transactions from your credit card. No one can steal information from your credit card if you have enabled Identity Guard. Along with this, you get secure online storage of up to 5 GB of free online data storage, where you can store your files without the risk of losing them. To summarize, we can say that ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall has many functions and is perfect for complete computer protection Windows

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent malware detection
  • High CPU USAGE
  • Outdated interface

Тоp 5 firewall software

Сomodo Firewall

USD $17,99 / 1 YEAR

Download Сomodo





Сomodo Firewall is a popular firewall known since Windows XP. One of its main features is Sandbox mode, in which you can run any application in a virtual environment, protecting the system from potential infections. The only obstacle to using the software is a very old PC configuration, with an unsatisfactory technical base, however, such cases are extremely rare in modern times.

Download, install, use and test the strength of the active, reliable, and comprehensive protection of the application: the free Firewall is the best in its class, and you can verify this only from personal experience, which you absolutely will not regret.

  • Free version available
  • A game mode that disables notifications during games.
  • Security wizard that simplifies filtering settings.
  • Can change browser settings without notice

Тоp 5 firewall software



Download TinyWall







TinyWall is a completely free but decent firewall. Unlike most firewalls, it does not require disabling the regular Windows firewall, although it takes the initiative to protect the system. Of the other characteristic features of this software product, it is worth noting simplicity, the use of network zones, and excellent detection of trojan programs. Using a regular Windows firewall to filter data, TinyWall does not require installing drivers and other kernel components in the system. In addition, TinyWall is surprisingly quiet, it performs its work silently, without disturbing the user for nothing.

  • Not demanding on computer resources
  • An unobtrusive program without any pop-ups.
  • Manual whitelisting
  • Fewer opportunities compared to competitors

Тоp 5 firewall software

Avast Premium Security

USD $59,99 / 1 YEAR

Download Avast







Avast is yet another well-known antivirus company that also releases a firewall. Actually, it is included in the paid set of Avast Premium Security programs (it was formerly called Avast Internet Security, but it was renamed – apparently, to avoid confusion with another popular program – AVG Internet Security). That is, you won’t be able to download and install the firewall separately: it goes to the load of the antivirus, anti-spam module, wireless network protection module, and a set of other features. Firewall settings are scattered across different menus, which is why finding the right thing the first time is very difficult. Avast Premium Security comes with a huge number of additional tools for disk analysis, registry, heuristics, and virus scanning. The paid license of which costs $59,99 per year for one PC.

  • Excellent test results in independent laboratories
  • Free and paid version
  • The paid version is more expensive in comparison with similar programs