Top 5 Free Uninstallers

Sometimes Windows Uninstaller is not enough to remove applications from your system entirely. In most cases it turns out that built in Windows uninstaller can’t take down all the leftovers of any program. These kind of junk files are able to slow down the performance of your PC. That’s why we need uninstall tools, to make removing of any application clear, simple and safe. If you are already facing not properly uninstalled programs on your computer, these tools will help you to clean all the files that left behind. More than that, some of these uninstall tools can help you to solve problems with extensions and add-ons issue in your web browser. Okay, let’s take a look at some of these applications.

IObit Uninstaller

iobit uninstaller

Handy, simple and effective. These words can easily describe IObit Uninstaller. The program’s design looks pretty smooth (you can choose between black or white styles in the settings) and uncomplicated which is good feature for a common user. First of all, one of the best options in this application is its ability to divide installed programs into categories. There are five types of installed programs in IObit Uninstaller:

  1. All Programs. Here you can find all the installed applications on your computer and delete them entirely from your system by simply clicking on Uninstall button or trash can icon;
  2. Recently Installed. This is very useful option for anyone who is having a trouble with a malware. You can check Install Date in this section in order to find and remove newly installed malicious software from your computer. Or just delete any program that you’ve recently installed and want to remove for some reason;
  3. Large Programs. The name of the section speaks for itself. In case you need big amount of free space on your hard drive, it is good solution to look up to this section of the program;
  4. Infrequently Used. Most of the users have no idea what they have installed on their computers. It can be some pre-installed toolbars, software demos or any other applications you don’t use but still got installed on PC somehow. Here is your chance to make your computer cleaner;
  5. Windows Update. Very useful option that can help you with compatibility problem of any Windows update.

Besides uninstalling programs on the computer, with IObit Uninstaller you are able to delete any toolbars and plug-ins from any web browser that is installed on PC.

Download IObit Uninstaller PRO

Revo Uninstaller

revo uninstaller free

Revo Uninstaller is a simple and user-friendly tool for complete removing applications from your system. The program looks too elementary, but for some group of users it is pretty much an advantage. There is no doubt that this program is working well. The process of removing applications is easy, you just click on the program then choose Uninstall option. You can also check your newly installed applications in the main window. Revo Uninstaller get the wind of the most free uninstallers because of its restoring feature – this tool creates system restore point before removing any application. Still, there are some unnecessary options in Revo Uninstaller. For example, in the Tools section of the program you can find typical built-in Windows options. Nowadays any user can find and use them himself if it’s needed, so there is no point to place them in Tools section, this feature makes the program more complexed to the average user.

Download Revo Uninstaller Free

Wise Program Uninstaller

wise program uninstaller

Completeness and speed, these are the best features of Wise Program Uninstaller. As the other free uninstallers, this one will help you to remove any program without leaving junk files behind. Design of this application is pretty to look at and straightforward. There are nothing distracting in the main window, everything is simple and quite easy to understand. Uninstall process in Wise Program Uninstaller is very quick, quicker than any other uninstalling application. You can choose between two options:

  1. Safe Uninstall, where the tool interacts with the program’s own uninstaller.
  2. Forced Uninstall, where the tool makes deep scan, tracking down all the related files and registry entries of a program.

Another good feature of this tool is its freedom from unnecessary tools, options and commands. Even inexperienced user is able to handle this application without any difficulties. Wise Program Uninstaller is a small-sized program, doing its work good enough, with a nice and simple design. It can be upgraded to Wise Care 365 Pro, which is ultimate PC maintenance utility.

Download Wise Uninstaller Free

Slim Computer

slim computer

First thing you see once you’ve started Slim Computer is a notification about the program’s activity on your computer. So it is obvious that the program is similar to some kind of anti-virus, but Slim Computer is not removing viruses, it shows you what applications are likely unnecessary for you and your PC. The developers are showing us a colored scale, from dark red to green with 5 bars. We are able to choose Passive, Default and Aggressive mode. Depending on mode, the program will show you applications on your computer that some people or majority of people find unnecessary:

  1. Passive. This option will show you results for applications that the majority of users consider unnecessary.
  2. Default. This option will show you results for applications that the majority of users consider unnecessary. Still, this option will not show you optimal applications that only some of the users find good.
  3. Aggressive. This option will show you results for applications that the users consider unnecessary. Also it will list you results for applications that some users may find good, but others considered them optimal.

You can always change the mode in the Settings window.

The program’s design might seem a bit complex to inexperienced users, but there are a lot of useful options:

  • You can restore any data in the Restore window.
  • Remove any service or start-up process in Optimization menu.
  • Delete any application or newly installed updates by right-clicking on the Uninstall button in Uninstaller section.
  • Clean up your web browser from any unneeded add-ons and toolbars in the Browsers section.

You are able to do all the above mentioned actions simultaneously in the Main window. There are some unnecessary options in the Windows Tools section of the program. There you can find typical built-in Windows options. Nowadays any user can find and use them himself if it’s needed, so there is no point to place them in the application, this feature makes the program more complex to the average user. Slim Computer is a good working uninstalling tool, with an interesting mode system, a lot of functions and ways to create some free space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary applications.

Download Slim Computer Free


geek uninstaller

GeekUninstaller is a very small-sized program. In comparison to other uninstall tools, this one has the most simple design. It is not even an application, it’s a zip-file, so you don’t have to install it, which seems quite attractive, because this program would not leave any junk files behind. GeekUninstaller is working perfectly good. This tool will help you to completely remove any program from your system, even most stubborn ones. There are two typical options of deleting programs in this uninstaller:

  • Uninstall and Forced Removal.

The program is quite straightforward, simple and user-friendly. There are no complicated menus and excessive options or commands.Nevertheless, this program does have some interesting features, for example its ability to google something for you. It is small advantage, but it’s still good feature, that can be useful when you need to remember what this or that program does. Along with that, you can right-click on any application and open its web site. GeekUninstaller does not list the program developers, but that’s not a big deal in consideration of its good features and lightweight.

Download Geek Uninstaller Free