Tutorials on removing different type of hijackers.

How to uninstall (remove) Search.searcheasysa.com

February 20, 2017 Rami Douafi 0

Search.searcheasysa.com – a browser hijacker that hijacks your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer). After penetration on the PC, Search.searcheasysa.com begins to spread promotional products of partner companies (eBay, Amazon, and others.). It looks like a familiar search engine, but, in reality, it is an annoying thing that brings a lot of troubles.

How to uninstall (remove) Search.searchmpct.com

February 20, 2017 Rami Douafi 0

Search.searchmpct.com‎ – browser hijacker, fake search engine, which gets into PC without user consent. Per developers, it enhances browsing experience, but it is not true. Search.searchmpct.com‎ constantly displays banner ads and coupons. Search.searchmpct.com‎ comes to the computer packaged with free programs.

How to uninstall (remove) Search.pandaviewer.com

February 20, 2017 Rami Douafi 0

Search.pandaviewer.com is a browser hijacker that comes to the computer bundled with freeware’s downloaders and installers. Search.pandaviewer.com hijacks popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This potentially unwanted software, which comes without the user’s knowledge.

How to uninstall (remove) Services.searchy.info

February 15, 2017 Rami Douafi 0

Services.searchy.info is a fake search page that comes on your PC in the form of a browser extension (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). Services.searchy.info hijacks your browser and displays advertising banners, displays false coupons and promotional links to sites that cooperate with the developers of the program.

How to uninstall (remove) Search.searchwfaa.com

February 15, 2017 Rami Douafi 0

Search.searchwfaa.com is the fake search engine that gets into PC without user consent. Search.searchwfaa.com comes as an extension to the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. After penetration, Search.searchwfaa.com begins to display advertisements, banners, and coupons, which may relate to popular online stores.

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