How to uninstall (remove) pop-ups

November 7, 2018 Rami Douafi 0 is the trap web page, which prompts the user to allow notifications to be displayed in order to access the desired content. In fact, after notification is enabled, this malware will flood your computer with unwanted content. This comes in the form of a browser extension and changes the settings. First of all, changes the homepage and also adjusts the browser so that it constantly redirects you to third-party sites that are also teeming with advertising.

How to uninstall (remove)

November 7, 2018 Rami Douafi 0 is a browser hijacker that looks like a regular legitimate search page. Outwardly, this is similar to popular analogues, moreover, developers are convinced that it enhances browning experience and search efficiency. In fact, this is not so. changes the browser settings, primarily the homepage.

How to remove from Mac

November 7, 2018 Ilias Dzhubanov 0 may replace your homepage without your noticing and permission, that is why many computer experts classify this extension as a malware, because of its sneaky ways of distribution. Though this extension is trying to create an impression of a proper Internet search engine, you should know that it will corrupt your browser configuration and spoil your browsing experience with constant redirection as well as countless pop-up ads. That’s why we strongly recommend you to remove from Mac as soon as possible.

How to uninstall (remove) hijacker

November 1, 2018 Rami Douafi 0

In the article, we will talk in detail about the browser hijacker, which has become very common lately and has already penetrated users’ computers around the world. This refers to the number of potentially unwanted programs. Let’s take a detailed look at what is this.