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How to remove Pop-up notifications - is a malware, that is able to redirect you in your browser and display unwanted advertisement. It will also offer to turn on notifications. This malware will cause a redirection to some shady web page with quite suspicious text "If you are 18+ tap Allow". Indeed, it sounds like cheap effort to make a user click the "Allow" button, which will naturally lead to unpleasant consequences like getting more malware and annoying ads on your PC. This is the main reason to remove Pop-ups.

How to uninstall (remove) is advertising program responsible for the annoying redirects. It is a kind of potentially unwanted software used to spread advertising content. For example, it messes up your browsing experience generating pop-up ads, banners and imaginary coupons containing offers of stores, third-party sites and much more.

How to uninstall (remove) Microsoft Azure Pop-up

Microsoft Azure refers to a series of fake error messages, which is a consequence of the activity of malware that has penetrated your PC. This malware constantly displays pop-ups, banners, and stuff that contains information about the problems in your computer, moreover, it significantly slows down the computer.