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How to uninstall (remove) is sub-domain, that is used by browser adware to display ads and pop-ups. It was reported on Apple forums, that and several other pop-ups appear in Safari browsers on Mac systems, when users open various websites. Usually, this advertisements promote questionable Mac optimization programs, for example MacKeeper. can be caused by advertising extension installed in Safari or malicious application installed in your Mac OS.

How to remove “Microsoft Windows Is Not Genuine” scam message

"Microsoft Windows Is Not Genuine" is screen locker that displays error notification and says that you use illegal copy of Windows. This error states that you must enter an activation key to restore your system.. The pop-up window contains a link ("Click here to get your key") that leads to a site with a survey after completing which a victim is redirected to a pay-per-download website ( website spreads pay-per-fill surveys in such deceptive and intrusive way. The fee is charged for a text file that, supposedly, contains the key. Be aware, note that entering a genuine key will not solve the problem.

How to get rid of “You have a ZEUS virus” scam message

It's a browser hijacker that is usually accompanied with other free software. This malware shows the Windows Detected ZEUS Virus to trick the user. It’s created to make people think that their computer has crashed or that there is a real virus has been detected. The main purpose of such malware is to scare user and force him to call on one of the listed numbers to get support. But in reality they are just selling unneeded services and support contracts.

How to uninstall (remove) presents yourself as a web-surfing helper that can find results from social services like Facebook, VK and etc. Actually, features of the instrument do not provide such additional conveniences of work or web-browsing and aren’t much useful to how this was declared. is a type of Social2search. Social2search is an adware program that displays ads in search engines and web sites that you are browsing. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Opera or Chrome. You can see ads when you browse websites or do the shopping. It generates advertisements by using web site browser scripts or browser extensions.