Category Pop-ups

How to uninstall (remove) pop-up is part of the malware that has penetrated your PC. Typically, this is due to the activities of adware or another potentially unwanted program that makes changes to the settings of all the browsers that are on your PC. is a scam virus, constantly redirecting the user to a third-party site and displaying a pop-up and requesting the sending of notifications.

How to bypass (remove) ‘Your iPhone Has Been Locked’ Scam

"Your iPhone Has Been Locked", as well as "Dear user, congratulations" is a fake alert, cyclically showing fake information predominantly on Mac or iPhone browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others. Cybercriminals claims, that user has been violated with some law articles for watching and viewing some porn contents. They give an email address which looks like FBI contacts. In fact, it is fake information. Cybercriminals demand a payment for a fine of $300.

How to remove pop-ups

Masterani is a new scammer that constantly displays advertising pop-ups of various content. Typically, it infects all user browsers, so the pop-ups are displayed on Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and other installed browsers. virus constantly regenerates new pop-ups, so removing these pop-ups is useless.

How to remove “Your version of Bing search is out of date” Pop-up

"Your version of Bing search is out of date" is a virus, that will pop-up whenever you are working in a browser. It does not matter what kind of browser you may have, the virus will be displayed without your permission. This virus is designed to trick users into downloading some other malware. The scam will offer to download Chromium browser and set Bing as a default search. Cyber criminals are trying to mask their malicious intentions by using trusted and popular brands. Don't trust them, it's a scam. Here you will find instruction on how to remove “Your version of Bing search is out of date” pop-up.