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Articles about removing ransomware that blocks Windows or browsers and can encrypt your data and demand ransom.

How to remove Nozelesn ransomware and decrypt .nozelesn files

Nozelesn ransomware is a trojan-crypter, which distributed since June'2018, mostly in Poland. Some users report, that their files renamed with adding .nozelesn extension. After encryption, users unable to open their files, because the virus uses AES encryption. Cybercriminals want money (0,1 in BTC) for decryption keys. Also, Nozelesn ransomware creates HOW_FIX_NOZELESN_FILES.htm file with rasom demands. For removing Nozelesn ransomware and .nozelesn files decryption, please try all methods from our article.

How to remove Animus Locker ransomware and decrypt .animus files

Animus Locker ransomware is a relatively new virus, which encrypts users files on their machines, through unprotected network configuration. The first symptom of infiltration is new extension .animus which added to all filenames on users PC. For example, 1.doc become 1.doc.animus. After encryption users can use coded files. Animus Locker based on AES algorithm, so decryption is very difficult but sometimes possible.