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How to remove Atwola cookie

Atwola is a name of cookie that tracks the computer user's browsing activity and interests. Gathering all the required information, it displays different ads, banners, pop-up ads in browser. Atwola cookie is not a virus, because it doesn’t harm the computer, but it may freeze the browsing. Besides, unreliable ads often contain links to untrustworthy and suspicious web pages where you could get a real virus. This infection supports almost all well-known browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

How to remove Atdmt cookie

Usually, cookies are the result of interaction between your system and some Web site. There are a lot of harmless cookies around the Internet. Cookie is a small text file in your web browser's directory, created to identify users and to save your information on Web sites in order to remember your preferences and other customization functions.

How to remove cookie

FastClick cookie stores information about a PC user's experience with a specific website. FastClick can allow its vendors to analyze browsing behavior for marketing purposes. FastClick is essentially a small text file or a database record (Chrome, Firefox) which contains custom options the page will load when you visit it. FastClick cookie takes the regular cookie process one step further and sends a log of your online activities to a remote database for analysis.