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Removal guides for wide-spread trojans.

How to bypass (remove) ‘Your iPhone Has Been Locked’ Scam

"Your iPhone Has Been Locked", as well as "Dear user, congratulations" is a fake alert, cyclically showing fake information predominantly on Mac or iPhone browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others. Cybercriminals claims, that user has been violated with some law articles for watching and viewing some porn contents. They give an email address which looks like FBI contacts. In fact, it is fake information. Cybercriminals demand a payment for a fine of $300.

How to uninstall (remove) Red Shell spyware

Red Shell is a spyware virus. It developed to illustrate what channels generate the most traffic for game sales, to help with choosing advertising methods. Usually, it can redirect every browser or game to third party sites or shows pop-ups with different commercial information without user contest. Moreover, Red shell can lock the screen by ads banners every hour while the user tries to open popular sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Steam etc. Several players found Red Shell in The Elder Scrolls Online, Conan Exiles, a few of Sega’s Total War games, Civilization 6, Dead by Daylight installers.