How to uninstall (remove) WebWatcher

WebWatcher is parental control software. It was designed to help parents to monitor their children’s online activity. The WebWatcher program is also used by spouses and even by police. No one would consider that WebWatcher is a malicious program if not for the fact that it reports all the users information including emails, websites they visit, even passwords and logins. All the data would be sent to the Awareness Technologies servers. Many users concerned about their privacy and the security of their data would want to remove the program, but they would find out that it is not as simple as it seems. It is impossible to remove the program through Add/Remove utility, your antivirus would not detect it as a spyware. But there are some methods how to uninstall WebWatcher.

If manual instructions and video seem difficult download SpyHunter – it is able to remove this adware.

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To remove the WebWatcher software manually:

  1. Click Start and select Run
  2. Then type %AppData% in the Command Prompt
  3. When Windows Explorer window is opened find and delete all the files in “<$SYSDIR>\config\atww” folder

    Some of the files may be hidden, so do not forget to set the folder options to display hidden and system files, otherwise it will be impossible to uninstall WebWatcher.

  4. Also you would need to delete all the registry files associated with WebWatcher.
    Go to Start menu and select Run
    Then type “regedit” in the opened box
    Locate and remove all the following registry keys and values:


    The registry keys

    • “{27B5E5C3-775A-4870-9BD3-B49694524CFD}”
    • “{2FF1ACE6-7599-4079-A70E-7E83B0267624}”
    • “{3C311150-55BF-4FBD-AFE0-7091E1D2D32B}”
    • “{45E922A0-0CD5-4A7B-BD35-44CA52B8390D}”
    • “{615EB7A2-E5F7-4500-80B7-9F1E72BEC678}”
    • “{67654448-42AD-4097-87AA-BAC1BFDA92B6}”
    • “{891CA317-EB89-4025-ABB8-0C1D1472E4E5}”
    • “{F8A0020A-2C78-47CD-AB7B-CE4181BE2628}”

    Find them at “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\

    Keys at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\named\

    • “CommonCommandProcessor.CommandProcessor”
    • “CommonCommandProcessor.CommandProcessor.1″
    • “DataProxy.MonitorDataProxy”
    • “DataProxy.MonitorDataProxy.1″
    • “KeyLoggerDGC.KeyLogger”
    • “KeyLoggerDGC.KeyLogger.1″
    • “MSNMonitorDGC.MSNMonitor”
    • “MSNMonitorDGC.MSNMonitor.1″
    • “OutlookExpressDGC.OEMonitor”
    • “OutlookExpressDGC.OEMonitor.1″
    • “OutlookMonitorDGC.OutlookMonitor”
    • “OutlookMonitorDGC.OutlookMonitor.1″
    • “ScreenCaptureDGC.ScreenCapture”
    • “ScreenCaptureDGC.ScreenCapture.1″

    Registry keys at “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\”:

    • “{16EB59FA-8710-430F-922D-67A8EFC74C18}”
    • “{3222FE43-306C-4831-B46B-A157B2986DD0}”
    • “{4AEDB174-8B9C-4DE7-8276-C7B60E0F6896}”
    • “{682DC0F3-19A4-450A-97FF-EEEB81554ED5}”
    • “{75BC0CC2-74B3-46A5-BDC5-2D311D479049}”
    • “{77CADC3F-6244-44DD-96E9-C3D84C0686D1}”
    • “{8C023226-642E-43D0-8D64-BD6E628CB012}”
    • “{E9A68ED9-D34F-4F41-91ED-ACC4370DE537}”

Webwatcher is a very stubborn program. The uninstallation process is uneasy. Instead of following the complicated instructions, you can download a specialized removal tool like Free Uninstall It tool. The tool is designed to completely uninstall any unwanted program. Even the most stubborn program will be removed from your PC in a blink of an eye. You can use it to uninstall WebWatcher. Easy to use, quick to solve your problem – Free Uninstall it is the perfect solution. See for yourself, download and install it to remove Webwatcher for good.

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