Category Fake Programs

Fake optimization and antivirus software showing false detections and asking for money.

How to uninstall (remove) PepperZip

PepperZip is a rogue application that takes a disguise of a application for unzipping and archiving files. The version that is available for downloading is trial and, despite the trial period is about 30 days, PepperZip says that the period is over with the first launch. For the full version of program the developers of PepperZip demand $14.

How to uninstall (remove) Security Guard

Security Guard is a fake anti-malware program that brings disturbing consequences after installing. It holds the disguise of a legitimate program til the very end. The interface of Security Guard resembles other similar programs, so it's difficult to see its malicious nature. After the automatically launched scan, the program will inform the user of many dangers threatening the system. However, it later adds that the removal of found malware is impossible until user buys the full version of the application.

How to uninstall (remove) PC Mechanic

PC Mechanic is a rogue software masqueraded as a program for system optimization. After it has managed to sneak in the system it begins to act as a legitimate program. In order to not raise suspicions PC Mechanic initiates the scanning for possible system problems. Right after the scan is complete, the app will display notifications about how dire the state of the system is. All these messages are shown in attempt to catch your attention and make you worry about your PC health.

How to uninstall (remove) PC Cleaner Plus

PC Cleaner Plus is an unwanted application that was created with the purpose of gaining revenue from users. It has a good disguise of a trustworthy program that will assist users in optimization of the system and cleaning leftovers and registry entries. However none of this options works properly. After the installation of PC Cleaner Plus the user will see the program performing a scanning of the system and later notifying the user about the great risks threatening the system.

How to uninstall (remove) PC Matic

PC Matic is a fake program that doesn’t worth installing. It is created to make users take is as an advantageous tool for performing computer maintenance. PC Matic claims to provide an impressive number of useful features: system optimization, antimalware protection, registry edition, automatic scan for available driver updates, creating system backups and so on. However, after the first start of the program users start to face problems. This is because this PUP can control some of Windows functions and settings without user’s approval.

How to uninstall (remove) Malware Protection Live

Malware Protection Live is a program that, according to its description, should provide protection from malware. It is compatible with Windows systems and has powerful antimalware tools that could be handy for any user. However, on practice Malware Protection Live is determined to be a fake program that not only deceives users about its features, but also is a malware itself.