Top 5 Antivirus Software for Small Business


Do I need an antivirus for small businesses? Definitely yes. As the business scales, the client base scales, the number of important documents and files increases, and no one want to lose everything at the same time due to a computer virus that has penetrated the corporate network. Now any business and any computer is connected to the global network and is vulnerable to external threats. In addition to standard viruses, worms, and trojans, there are methods such as targeted attacks, virus blockers and ransomware, spammers and phishing attacks. Not all viruses enter the computer on their own, the human factor acts here, at the same time, not all viruses can be stopped by the usual antivirus solution. This means that in our realities, the use of a comprehensive anti-virus solution is required to minimize the likelihood of virus penetration. In today’s article, we will consider the most popular and reliable solutions on the market today.

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US $110.99 $55.49/ 1 YEAR

Download Bitdefender




BitDefender GravityZone Business Security is a comprehensive solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides phenomenal endpoint support such as servers, workstations, and mobile devices used to connect to corporate networks. The antivirus uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to constantly monitor your network and look for potential problems. It is very important for creating reliable protection against phishing or trojans sent under the guise of business correspondence. And since most of this information comes from the cloud, whenever it discovers problems elsewhere, it informs its wider network that it needs to look for such problems. All this leads to a faster response to new threats. With all the power and work of advanced algorithms, the antivirus has the least impact on the performance and speed of the device. All these factors make Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security the obvious choice of editors in the category of the best antiviruses for small businesses.

  • It practically does not affect computer performance – it is important if you purchase workstations without a reserve of power for the antivirus.
  • After installation and initial configuration do not need attention at all.
  • It provides reliable email protection and constantly monitors your Internet connection.
  • Relatively difficult to install and configure – most likely, you will need the help of a professional system administrator.

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US $239.00 / 1 YEAR

Download ESET



For the enterprise segment, ESET provides a wide selection of products, from the simplest ESET NOD32 Small Business Pack, to specialized file server solutions. The most advanced and powerful among them is ESET NOD32 Secure Enterprise. This is a complex of modules, with a single control panel, which will reliably protect all devices and nodes within the corporate network, and will not allow any malware to penetrate. In addition to standard methods and protection modules, there is an intelligent phishing protection module that detects the presence of phishing links even before a user opens an e-mail. This solution can be scaled to any scale and can be used to protect the networks of large corporations, without compromising the quality and performance of protection.

  • The application has an intuitive and concise interface, which simplifies the process of user interaction.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • High Price

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US $39.99/ 1 YEAR

Download McAfee



Among the solutions from McAfee for the corporate segment, you can highlight the product McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB. This comprehensive automated solution enables the company to protect its business from cyber threats without spending money on the maintenance of an entire security department. Deployment of protection is available both on the local server and in the cloud, while the skills of an information security specialist are not required to configure and support the operation of the complex.

Heuristic algorithms allow you to identify potentially unwanted software, even before it is launched and begins to harm the device. Also, the user is provided with a convenient centralized control panel, which is located in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere in the world. This way, you can remotely configure privacy policies, create reports, or manage devices. McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence patented technology delivers the best comprehensive real-time protection. This provides the opportunity to do the work, and the safety is completely left to McAfee.

  • Minimal impact on performance – this parameter is quite capable of competing with Bitdefender.
  • A scan that automatically starts in the background during periods of inactivity of the device.
  • Very detailed and convenient reports.
  • It does not provide protection against phishing, it does not track suspicious sites.

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Symantec Protection Suite

US $57.99/ 1 YEAR

Download Norton for SB




Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition has a software suite that can completely cover the needs of most companies to protect heterogeneous network infrastructure. In particular, in building common security policies for network endpoints, content filtering at the Internet gateway level, and protecting data from loss, regardless of which operating system or where the system is used.

Powerful anti-virus protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, spam filtering, email protection, the ability to automatically manage backup and recovery of information, Active Directory integration, and excellent reporting system are just a small list of the main advantages of Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition.

  • To install the antivirus, you don’t need any special technical knowledge at all, everything is simple and clear.
  • Automatically checks all files, warns before downloading a potentially malicious program.
  • No trial version: you will have to immediately buy an antivirus. However, Norton offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The downside of ease of installation is not too many settings.
  • It can seriously slow down the system.

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US $89,99 $35.99/ 1 YEAR

Download Avira



Avira Antivirus for Small Business is a reliable and effective security tool for small companies with up to 100 computers. In addition to your personal computers and servers, the antivirus provides optimal protection for your email and Internet communications. Small Office Solution Avira Small Business Security Suite is quick to install and configure, and thanks to its administration features, it is easy to manage. All computers on the network can be centrally controlled and, in case of software updates, they can be easily updated at any time.

  • The function of encrypting confidential information with its storage on a secure virtual disk.
  • Cyber Capture: you can send a suspicious file with one click for expert analysis.
  • It cannot work from the cloud, needs a physical local area network.
  • It is reinsured from time to time, blocking safe files and sites.