Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites


One of the methods to stay safe on the Internet is to use proxy servers. Web proxy allows you to view web pages anonymously, as data passes through several servers located in different parts of the world. The main reason why users use proxy servers is to hide their IP address. Some sites ban users who live in a particular region. In this case, the only way to access the necessary information is through a proxy connection.
A secure proxy server acts as a tunnel between your computer and the sites you visit. As long as you use a proxy connection, you get the following advantages: anonymity, privacy, and almost complete freedom. Our rating contains the best fresh unblocked proxy sites, and which one to choose is up to the user.

Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites


Download SmartProxy





SmartProxy is intended for those who want to surf the Web with pleasure and unlimited possibilities. Also, this program is suitable for those who are vitally important to get free access to the information on a blocked website. The same applies to various social networks. The server not only allows you to bypass blockers but also provides protection of the user’s personal data. SmartProxy program is often used for corporate purposes to protect the personal data of its clients. This program has such items that are important for many:

  • Without blocking by IP.
  • No traffic restrictions.
  • Up to 100,000 IP addresses are available 24/7.
  • Used in 69 countries.
  • Maintaining multiple accounts in games or social networks at the same time.
  • Performing load testing of your site or app.

    Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites








    Anonymouse is one of the first proxy servers in the world. Of course, free proxy sites with good speed are not easy to find, but this “anonymous mouse” is just such a proxy. The service is German but offers the use of English for international users. It has been operating since 1997, and despite the fact that many servers switch to the “pay-or-leave” mode when they get some publicity, this case is one of the few exceptions. It started as a free server and has remained the same even after so many years. By the way, many people are puzzled by a very simple interface, but the developers have saved on the design of the site itself in order to provide the following features:

    • Complete anonymity when using the service;
    • Changing the IP address, which can be done manually or automatically;
    • High speed of operation;
    • Connection with modern browsers;
    • Ability to visit websites of any country in the world;
    • Easy to use.

      Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites







      KProxy is a simple and completely free proxy site founded in 2005. Ideal for those who want to circumvent censorship restrictions and browse the Internet anonymously and safely. The service hides personal information so that you can view web pages anonymously, and also opens access to sites that are restricted in your region. KProxy does not have ads and does not sell data to third-party sites, as some proxy sites do.

      • View web anonymity.
      • Change the IP address and country.
      • Visits to blocked and censored websites.
      • The best solution for the job.
      • There are no ads.
      • To use it does not require registration or credit card. It is enough to download the program and you can use it.


        Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites







          makes your browsing externally inaccessible for tracking and viewing. Now, when viewing the IP address, everyone will see something completely different from what it really is. The IP addresses of the proxy server are public and although your personal information will be shown in full when viewed, it will not be true. There is a kind of “deception” of hackers or Internet service providers.

        • Browse the web anonymously via shared, public IP addresses;
        • Change your location via geographically remote servers;
        • Start over with a new IP at any time, as part of a multi-IP.

          Top 5 fresh unblocked proxy sites









          HideMyAss ProxyHMA is a very popular service. The company itself is located in the UK and offers a fairly simple solution for surfing the Internet. In addition, HMA has launched its own address bar, which allows you to get to sites while hiding your real location. Among other advantages of this service, you can note the presence of an SSL certificate.

          • Anonymous Browsing
          • DNS Leak Protection
          • Kill Switch
          • Multi-Language
          • Multi-Protocol
          • Peer-to-Peer