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When viewing the browser settings, observant users may notice the “Block trackers” option among the parameters. Some users may have noticed a connection with torrent trackers, but they don’t really have anything in common. A tracker is a digital footprint that a user leaves every time they access the global network. Websites try to track all user clicks. In some cases, this is used for their benefit, helping to make websites more relevant to the user. But very often they do not even know that one or another of their actions is being tracked. Every day we encounter hundreds of such trackers that go unnoticed and collect information about user behavior on the network. Among other things, these trackers reduce the speed of loading sites. Opera has implemented a tracking blocking feature in the browser. With the new protection, it will be much more difficult to track you on the Internet, and as a result, some sites will also load faster. Everything is clear about the acceleration of loading – the tracker is not loaded and everything related to it is not loaded. For many sites using this browser, you will not be as visible as before and they will collect much fewer data. But this protection will be disabled by default, as well as the built-in ad blocker.

How to enable tracker blocking in Opera:

  1. Go to the browser settings by pressing Alt + P or Ctrl + F12;
  2. Activate the switch next to the “Block trackers” item located in the “privacy” section.
  3. block trackers in Opera

  4. If necessary, the user can add blocking trackers on a specific site to the exception.

How to protect your browsers from malicious pop-ups and phishing websites

However, even the built-in blocker cannot guarantee data leakage, as its capabilities are very limited. Therefore, if you want your data to be securely protected and not transmitted to third parties while browsing the Internet, we recommend that you install Adguard. In addition to this, it can block ads and pop-ups in any browser and speed-up page load times. It also has a huge database of phishing sites and prevents browsers from opening such resources. Download AdGuard here:

Download AdGuard for Windows

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