What means 39 viruses were found message?

If the browser on your Mac, PC, iPhone, or another device constantly shows pop up with header 39 viruses were found, you face a dangerous virus. As well as other scam (pop up) viruses 39 viruses were found usually imitates huge troubles with user’s smartphone, PC or Mac. The virus also shows nonexistent troubles with user’s data and persuades users to spend money on ambiguous solutions, for example for antivirus software. 39 viruses were found has the following text:

39 viruses were found!
Your MacBook was hacked and 39 viruses were found! Do not close this page. If the problem is not resolved within two minutes,
the viruses will delete all of your contacts and photos, and the SIM card and the battery will be damaged!
Current Speed: 68%
Available Speed: 32%

As a result, users can’t use internet browsers, because SCAM locks every new tab. Besides, the virus can redirect Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox to different sites with malicious content. We think you should remove 39 viruses that were found from your device completely.

39 viruses were found

How Scam gets on your device?

39 viruses were found to usually implement users’ devices with mobile apps, executable files, browser extensions, or other freeware software. The best way to prevent infiltration is to check all installation processes of every software, that you are installing on your device. Also, we recommend block all notification requests from unknown sites. But if you already face the pop up like on the picture below, we recommend removing 39 viruses were found as soon as possible. Please use our instructions to get rid of the virus.

How to remove ’39 viruses were found’ and other scam viruses from your Mac, PC, or iPhone?

Recommended Anti-malware tools:

The easiest and most modern way of removing pop-ups, trojans, ransomware, or other viruses is to use automatic removal tools. See our Anti-malware tools below for further instructions.

Try SpyHunter for Mac

SpyHunter fully removes all instances of newest viruses from Mac/MacBook and Safari. Besides, it can help to optimize MacOS and free up disk space. Compatible with all versions of MacOS. The free version of SpyHunter for Mac allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. The full version of SpyHunter costs $42 (you get 6 months of subscription). By clicking the button, you agree to EULA and Privacy Policy. Downloading will start automatically.

Download SpyHunter for Mac

MacOS versions

Also, you can try to uninstall the virus manually.

Remove pop up from macOS device

Pop up may not have an app associated with it in Application. However, we recommend you to inspect the list of installed applications and remove unknown or suspicious ones.

Mac OSX:

  1. Check all apps on your device, find malware apps(their names ussually are simmilar with scam name)
  2. Open Finder
  3. In the Finder sidebar, click Applications
  4. If you see Uninstall pop up or pop up Uninstaller, double-click it and follow instructions
  5. Drag unwanted application from the Applications folder to the Trash (located on the right side of the Dock)

Learn more about uninstallation of programs in Mac OSX

appcleanerTo remove leftover items of unwanted application on Mac we recommend you to use AppCleaner. Just drag application you want to remove to AppCleaner window and it will search for residual data on your hard drive. This will save space of your memory and will help to remove stubborn applications from Mac systems.

Remove pop up from iPhone/iPad

If you get a pop-up, close it. Don’t “like” it, and don’t open it, to prevent more malware infiltration into your phone. Certain third-party download sites might include programs that you don’t want with the software that you install.


  1. Quit the browser
  2. Go to Settings > Safari and tap Clear History and Website data
  3. remove 39 viruses found from iphone

Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Chrome app
  2. At the bottom right, tap More More and then Settings Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy and then Clear Browsing Data.
  4. Check Cookies, Site Data. Uncheck the other items.
  5. Tap Clear Browsing Data and then Clear Browsing Data.
  6. Tap Done.

  7. Remove ’39 viruses were found’ from browsers on Mac


    1. Open Safari
    2. Click Safari menu.
    3. Choose Extensions.
    4. Find the app related to this pop-up.
    5. Click Uninstall button to remove it.

    Learn more about removing extensions from Safari.

    Google Chrome:

    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Push Alt + F.
    3. Click Tools.
    4. Choose Extensions.
    5. Find apps related with scam.
    6. Click the trash can icon to remove it.

    Learn more about removing extensions from Chrome.

    Mozilla Firefox:

    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Push Shift + Ctrl + A.
    3. Choose pop up related apps.
    4. Click Disable or Remove button.

    Learn more about removing extensions from Firefox.

    Information provided by Tim Kas

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