What is Android calendar virus?

Since 2016, scammers have been using mail service calendars to send invitations to events to users, within which advertising of irrelevant services and goods. In most cases, invitations are automatically added to mail-related calendars, and users receive push notifications about new emails and events. Gmail and Google Calendar users have discovered a bug related to invitations to events in the calendar, which is used by attackers. They send emails to Gmail with invitations, which contain an advertising newsletter with the address of the site. An invitation letter is defined as spam, but the service’s algorithms “see” the invitation and automatically add it to the calendar linked to the Google account and send notifications. There are several ways to remove Android calendar virus.

Remove Android calendar virus via automated tool

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Remove remove Android calendar virus manually

If you only use Google Calendar for your events you can simply clear the Calendar Storage on your device:

  • Close Google Calendar App.
  • Tap “Force Stop” then “Delete” the built-in Calendar Cache and Storage in:
    Android Settings > Apps > Apps > “Calendar” > Storage

This is NOT Google Calendar storage, but the Android Calendar which doesn’t have a Google icon. If you don’t see the non-Google “Calendar” app in the Apps list then:

  • Click top-right on the Apps page and enable “Show System processes“.
  • Open the Google Calendar app and check the results.

If you do use an internal calendar in addition to Google Calendar then you’ll have to first identify the internal calendar on which these events have been created, then (assuming the spam events are not mixed in with your own events on the same calendar) use an app such as Calendar Sync Trial from the Play Store to delete only that specific calendar.

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