How to remove extensions from Google Chrome

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What is Extension?

Didn’t you notice before, that you miss something, while surfing the internet? Or that you need something to make surfing easily? Browser Extensions, that the answer. Extensions – is an applications, making easily or funnier your web surfing. There are extensions for news, radio, photos, shopping or even protecting PC (Ad block, check-scans). For example, just one click on the button and extension will show you the weather news, or you can listen the radio without entering the website and looking for a radio. You think it’s great? Yeah, it is, but there are also deceptive extensions, that generate ads banners and pop-ups, scan your computer, change your homepage and so on. Those applications called PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). I is not recommended to keep those browser extensions on your PC, so you need to uninstall them. There are two ways: manual removing and automatic removing.

google chrome extensions

How to remove extensions from Google Chrome?

Manual extension removal

You can remove extensions from Google Chrome by yourself, without using special utilities, by following next instructions.

You can skip steps 1-3 point by typing “chrome://settings/” in address bar.

  1. Open Google Chrome;
  2. Click on Options Icon or press Alt+E, Alt+F;
  3. Click Settings;
  4. Click Extensions;
  5. Find the extension that you want to remove;
  6. Click on bin icon to remove extension.

Automatic extension removal

If you want to remove extensions fully, then use special software. There are 3 varieties:

  • Avast Browser Cleanup

    avast browser cleanup to remove chrome extensions

    1. Open Avast Browser Cleanup;
    2. Click on the Google Chrome Tab (Chrome icon);
    3. Unmark Exclude add-ons with a good rating for displaying full list of extensions;
    4. Find extension that you want to delete, then click on to Remove button.
  • IObit Uninstaller

    remove chrome extensions with iobit uninstaller

    1. Open Iobit Uninstaller;
    2. Click Toolbars & Plug-ins tab;
    3. Find and mark extensions that you want to remove;
    4. Click Remove button.
  • Stronghold AntiMalware

    remove chrome extensions with stronghold antimalware

    1. Open Stronghold AntiMalware;
    2. Click Tools button;
    3. Click Toolbar Removal button;
    4. Click on the Google Chrome Tab and click Refresh button;
    5. Mark extensions that you want to remove, then click Remove button;

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  1. I understand some of what is said here, I know very little about computers ! Then I got
    myself in a mess because I locked Google Chrome on to by mistake and now
    I’m in your ballpark trying to undo my screw-up and so far I’m not having much luck !
    I think after I leave this sight it will less than 50 50 that I get it done right…
    Should you want to come give me a hand I could use it…. Bye

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