How to Remove NetworkOptimizer Adware from macOS

Adware is a type of software that generates revenue for its developers by displaying unwanted and deceptive advertisements to users. NetworkOptimizer is one such adware application that belongs to the AdLoad malware family. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of NetworkOptimizer adware, including its overview, distribution methods, potential harm, and how to remove it from macOS.

NetworkOptimizer Adware Overview

NetworkOptimizer operates by displaying ads, such as pop-ups, banners, coupons, and overlays, on various interfaces. These advertisements often promote online scams, untrustworthy software, and even malware. Clicking on these ads can lead to the execution of scripts that download and install potentially harmful software without the user’s consent.

It’s important to note that any genuine products or services advertised through NetworkOptimizer are likely endorsed by scammers using affiliate programs to earn illegitimate commissions. Additionally, NetworkOptimizer may have data-tracking capabilities, collecting information such as browsing history, search engine queries, cookies, and personal details. This collected data can be sold to third parties or used for profit in other ways.

In summary, NetworkOptimizer adware poses a threat to the safety of your device and personal information, potentially leading to system infections, privacy issues, financial losses, and identity theft.

NetworkOptimizer Adware: Detection and Symptoms

NetworkOptimizer adware is also known as “Ads by NetworkOptimizer.” It is categorized as adware, Mac malware, and a Mac virus. Various antivirus software programs detect NetworkOptimizer adware using different names, including Avast (MacOS:AdAgent-L [Adw]), Combo Cleaner (Gen:Variant.Adware.MAC.AdLoad.8), ESET-NOD32 (A Variant Of OSX/Adware.Synataeb.C), and Kaspersky (Not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.OSX.Adload.h).

The symptoms of NetworkOptimizer adware include a noticeable decrease in the speed of your Mac, the appearance of unwanted pop-up ads, and being redirected to dubious websites.

How NetworkOptimizer Adware Can Infect Your Mac

NetworkOptimizer adware can be installed on your computer through various methods. One common tactic is bundling, where adware is bundled with regular program installers. Downloading software from untrustworthy sources, such as freeware and third-party websites, and rushing through installation processes significantly increase the risk of unintentionally allowing bundled adware onto your device.

Additionally, NetworkOptimizer adware may have “official” download webpages and can be promoted on scam sites. Users often access these pages through redirects caused by websites using rogue advertising networks, mistyped URLs, spam browser notifications, intrusive ads, or already installed adware with browser force-opening capabilities.

Intrusive advertisements themselves can also spread adware. Clicking on these ads can trigger scripts that perform downloads and installations without your permission.

Tips to Avoid Adware Installations

To avoid inadvertently installing adware on your Mac, it is highly recommended to research software and download it only from official and verified channels. When installing software, carefully read the terms and explore all the available options. Use the “Custom” or “Advanced” settings to have more control over the installation process and opt-out of any supplementary apps, extensions, or features that may be bundled with the software.

Vigilance while browsing is also crucial since fraudulent and dangerous online content often appears legitimate and harmless. For instance, intrusive advertisements may redirect you to unreliable and questionable websites promoting scams, pornography, adult dating, or gambling. If you frequently encounter such ads or redirects, it is essential to inspect your device and promptly remove any suspicious applications and browser extensions or plug-ins.

How to Remove NetworkOptimizer Adware from macOS

If your Mac is infected with NetworkOptimizer adware, it is important to remove it to ensure the safety and security of your device. Manual removal of adware can be a lengthy and complicated process, requiring advanced IT skills. Therefore, it is recommended to use professional automatic malware removal software like SpyHunter to eliminate NetworkOptimizer adware effectively.

SpyHunter is a legitimate antivirus software specifically designed to scan and remove various types of malware, including adware.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What harm can adware cause?

Adware can cause various problems, including system infections, financial losses, and privacy issues. Adware often delivers ads promoting deceptive or malicious content, which can compromise the security and performance of your device.

What does adware do?

Adware, short for advertising-supported software, displays advertisements on different interfaces, such as websites and desktops. Some adware types can also generate redirects and collect private information.

How do adware developers generate revenue?

Adware developers primarily profit through affiliate programs by promoting websites, applications, browser extensions, products, and services.

Will SpyHunter remove NetworkOptimizer adware?

Yes, SpyHunter is capable of scanning your Mac and removing NetworkOptimizer adware, along with other adware-type applications. Manual removal of adware without the aid of security software may not be as effective, as it can leave behind hidden remnants that continue to cause issues. Therefore, it is recommended to use a comprehensive antivirus solution like SpyHunter to ensure thorough adware removal.


NetworkOptimizer adware is a potentially harmful application that can compromise the security and privacy of your Mac. It is crucial to take proactive measures to avoid installing adware by downloading software from trusted sources and being cautious while browsing. If your Mac is infected with NetworkOptimizer adware, it is recommended to use professional antivirus software like SpyHunter to remove it effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can safeguard your Mac from the risks associated with adware and ensure a secure computing experience.

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