What is Nyton ransomware?

Nyton is a ransom-demanding cyber threat that locks users’ files. It’s a relatively new malware that began to show activity since November 2019. Nyton Ransomware can compromise almost all types of files such as images, audios, videos, documents, and others. Soon after the infection, users are informed that they need to pay ransom to obtain the decryption tool. Still, there is no need to rush and pay the cybercriminals, despite their pledges. There is a huge risk of being scammed and losing money and got nothing in return.

Nyton ransom note

Once infected, Nyton ransomware employs a unique encryption algorithm (symmetric and asymmetric algorithm) for locking users’ files, adding “.nyton” suffix to all affected files. For example, it renames “flower.jpg” to “flower.jpg.nyton”, and so on. The entire procedure is hidden and does not take a long time, so the user can even notice nothing. After encryption is finished, the virus creates file: !NYTON_HELP.TXT that contains ransom note:

All your files have been encrypted with Nyton Virus.
Your unique id: C59B2C0A617F4D40BBACF75BF699CAFD
As a private person you can buy decryption for 300$ in Bitcoins.
But before you pay, you can make sure that we can really decrypt any of your files.
The encryption key and ID are unique to your computer, so you are guaranteed to be able to return your files.
To do this:
1) Download and install Tor Browser ( https://www.torproject.org/download/ )
2) Open the yfnsui2onmw5fb4ekr4r64mrcxw6pwcwrhxx4k5ylp7u7c66jti2y3id.onion web page in the Tor Browser and follow the instructions.

Screenshot of Nyton ransomware website:

Nyton website

According to the note, all operations must be carried out in digital currency using the Tor browser. This way helps Nyton Ransomware spreaders to remain anonymous. The amount of ransom is 300$ in Bitcoins. Despite the fact that the official decryptor is not available at the present time, don’t despair, we have a few more possible ways to restore your files for free. But first, you should take immediate action to remove Nyton Ransomware. You can do it by using a proper antimalware program that can detect and eliminate virus in just a few clicks. Take a look down below and you will discover all of the required steps to remove Nyton Ransomware and decrypt .nyton files.

How Nyton ransomware gets on my computer?

Extortionists are often found in spam attachments or on unlicensed software resources. Be careful not to open emails from unknown senders, and even more so files attached to them. You will not find anything interesting or useful there. There are more sophisticated ways. Infected spam can come on behalf of a reliable company or organization with which you have been cooperating for a long time, as well as on behalf of your friend or relative with whom you have corresponded at least once. There are basic precautions when working with e-mail. First of all, if you do not know the sender, read the text of the letter before opening the attachment. Even if you know the sender, verify his email address to make sure that he is not fake. Grammar errors will indicate intruders. The absence of your name in the greeting should alert you, because if the real company sent you an email, they would know your name, and not use the usual greeting like a “respected customer.” Ransomware can exploit vulnerabilities in your OS to infiltrate the system. These security holes are usually quickly fixed after they are discovered. However, as practice shows, not everyone installs those patches. Therefore, do not neglect to automatically update your system, but do not download patches from unknown sites yourself, they may also be infected.

How to remove Nyton Ransomware?

First of all, don’t panic. Follow these easy steps below.

1. Start your computer in Safe Mode with networking. To do that, restart your computer before your system starts hit F8 several times. This will Nyton Ransomware system from loading and will show Advanced boot options screen. Choose Safe mode with networking option from the options list using up and down arrows on your keyboard and hit Enter.
2. Log in to the system infected with the Nyton Ransomware virus. Launch your Internet browser and download a reliable anti-malware program and start a full system scan. Once the scan is complete, review scan results and remove all entries detected.

Recommended Solution:

Try SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a powerful tool that is able to keep your Windows clean. It would automatically search out and delete all elements related to malware. It is not only the easiest way to eliminate malware but also the safest and most assuring one. The full version of SpyHunter costs $42 (you get 6 months of subscription). By clicking the button, you agree to EULA and Privacy Policy. Downloading will start automatically.

Download SpyHunter

for windows

Try Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most effective tools that can recover lost and corrupted files — documents, emails, pictures, videos, audio files, and more — on any Windows device. The powerful scan engine can detect compromised files and finally save them to specified destination. Despite its advancedness, it’s very concise and simple so that even the most inexperienced user can figure it out.

Download Stellar Data Recovery

Try MailWasher

Email security is the first line of defense against ransomware viruses. To do this, we recommend that you use MailWasher. MailWasher blocks ransomware viruses coming through spam and phishing, and automatically detects malicious attachments and URLs. In addition, malicious messages can be blocked even before the recipient opens them. Since the main source of the spread of ransomware viruses are infected emails, antispam significantly reduces the risk of a virus appearing on your computer.

Download MailWasher

You may find more detailed information about antivirus products in our article – Top 5 Antivirus Software for Windows

Restore your files using shadow copies


  1. Download and run Stellar Data Recovery.
  2. Select type of files you want to restore and click Next.
  3. Select the drive and folder where your files are located and date that you want to restore them from and press Scan.
  4. Once the scanning process is done, click Recover to restore your files.
Download Stellar Data Recovery

Step 2: Remove following files and folders of Nyton Ransomware:

Related connections or other entries:

No information

Related files:

No information

How to decrypt files infected by Nyton Ransomware?

You can try to use manual methods to restore and decrypt your files.

Decrypt files manually

Restore the system using System Restore

system restore

Although the latest versions of Nyton Ransomware remove system restore files, this method may help you partially restore your files. Give it a try and use standard System Restore to revive your data.

  1. Initiate the search for ‘system restore
  2. Click on the result
  3. Choose the date before the infection appearance
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Roll the files back to the previous version

Previous versions can be copies of files and folders created by Windows Backup (if it is active) or copies of files and folders created by System Restore. You can use this feature to restore files and folders that you accidentally modified or deleted, or that were damaged. This feature is available in Windows 7 and later versions.

windows previous versions

  1. Nytont-click the file and choose Properties
  2. Open the Previous Version tab
  3. Select the latest version and click Copy
  4. Click Restore

How to prevent your system from Ransomware?

Make sure your Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection is closed when you don’t use it. Also, we recommend using a strong password for this service. The most efficient way to avoid data lose is of course to make a backup of all important data from your computer.

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