What is SpinMaze?

Viruses are an integral part of any software product. Malware and virus programs exist on Windows personal computers and on mobile devices running the Android operating system. And although the danger to users has decreased recently, desktop computers have their own built-in defenders, and Android applications undergo strict moderation in the Google Play branded app store. Nevertheless, we can “pick up” all sorts of nastiness on the smartphone.

One of the most unpleasant garbage applications is SpinMaze, which clones itself and replaces the information in the browser. And although it is currently unknown how dangerous the Spin Maze virus is, it installs a huge number of copies, replaces search queries, and terrifies users who are afraid of leakage of personal data or bank card numbers. There is no single cure for getting rid of Spin Maze. The first thing you should do is open the browser and examine the list of installed extensions. If there is a Spin Maze there, it should be removed immediately. Other users are helped by installing and using Google’s GBoard keyboard.

What should I do to avoid getting infected with the SpinMaze virus?

With the growing number of mobile device users, the number of viruses has also increased. If earlier Trojans that change settings and infect other files (for example, Skulls for Symbian) were the most dangerous, then modern hacker developments are able to make the gadget stop turning on, deleting the information necessary for the OS. To avoid similar situations in the future:

  • Prohibit installations from third-party sources in the settings. You will still be able to download games, movies, music, books, and programs from the Play Market store, files which are manually and automatically checked;
  • Download the antivirus. Do not abuse this point – just one such application is enough, simultaneous use of several will cause the device to slow down;
  • Check the permissions of the existing software, and remove the checkboxes from the “Change system settings” item for services that do not belong to reliable publishers, such as Google.

Recommended Anti-malware tool:

Try Norton

Norton Mobile Security protects your Android smartphones and tablets from malicious and potentially dangerous applications, theft or loss of information, fraudulent websites created to steal personal data or money, and other threats.

Download Norton Mobile Security

Reset to Factory Settings

It will not be so easy to remove the application from the device. Definitely, it is necessary to reset the device to factory settings. Keep in mind that this will lead to the loss of personal data. Before performing the procedure, perform a backup.

  1. Start up your device in Recovery Mode using previous instruction
  2. Select the “Factory Reset” option, and a notification will appear that it is impossible to reverse the changes;
  3. After completing the process, restart the phone by clicking on “Reboot“.

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