What is Tackis.xyz virus from iPhone?

Tackis.xyz is a fraudulent website that displays fake alerts and warnings that try to convince users that their device is infected with multiple viruses. The good news is that the Tacis.xyz pop-ups are not true, and the viruses they report do not exist. These fake messages are trying to scare users by forcing them to follow on-screen instructions that should help them repair their device. However, following the instructions of Tacis.xyz will lead to fraud or downloading suspicious software, which is useless.

How Tackis.xyz virus gets on your iPhone?

One of the iOS features, which was originally intended for organizing the workflow and creating common events in the calendar, in the hands of spammers turned into an attack tool on Apple technology users. It is enough for attackers to find out the mail used for the user’s calendar entries and they can easily bombard the owner’s gadgets with messages about promotions, sales, winnings and lotteries. It is impossible to directly harm the gadget with an invitation via the calendar, but it is quite possible to force the victim to accidentally or intentionally click on the link in the invitation. Although the Apple itself limits the possible number of requests sent from one calendar account, no one prevents attackers from using multiple accounts and attacking from them in turn.

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Remove Tackis.xyz virus manually

To remove Tackis.xyz virus, open the Apple Calendar app. Next, tap Calendars at the bottom of the page, then look for everything you don’t recognize. Once you find it, click on the red circle with the letter “i” inside to open the information panel.

remove Tackis.xyz virus

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the panel until you find the Delete Calendar option. Choose this and hopefully it will put an end to unwanted invitations.

How to remove spam calendars from iPhone Settings

If you continue to receive spam invitations, it is possible that your iPhone has a subscription to the calendar causing problems. It’s easy to delete it, so go to the Settings> Calendar> Accounts and then select the Subscribed Calendars option.

remove Tackis.xyz virus

Here, take a look and select the calendars you don’t need, and then tap Delete Account option. This should be all you need to do to prevent false appointments and reminders from appearing on your calendar.

remove Tackis.xyz virus

By applying all the above recommendations, you will be able to get rid of Tackis.xyz virus on the iPhone and further protect yourself from such attacks.

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