VirtualBalance is a type of adware that specifically targets Mac computers. It is a potentially unwanted program that can infiltrate your browser, inundating it with unwanted ads and pop-up windows. This adware can cause various changes to your browser’s functionality and even pave the way for more serious malware infections. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of removing VirtualBalance from your Mac, ensuring that your browsing experience is ad-free and secure.


Understanding VirtualBalance

VirtualBalance is designed to saturate your browser with unwanted ads and pop-up windows. Upon installation, it can significantly impact your browsing experience, hindering your ability to navigate websites effectively. These intrusive ads often cover the page’s content, making it difficult to view the actual website. VirtualBalance may also present fake security software or updates through pop-up windows, which can lead to the automatic download and installation of malicious software on your Mac.

Effects of VirtualBalance Adware

The presence of VirtualBalance can compromise your Mac’s security and expose you to additional risks. The constant bombardment of ads and pop-ups can disrupt your browsing activities and make it challenging to find the information you need. Furthermore, VirtualBalance has the ability to redirect your browser to shady websites, including adult content, online gambling sites, and phishing pages. These websites are not recommended due to their potential for malicious activity and objectionable content.

How VirtualBalance Infects Mac Computers

VirtualBalance typically spreads through a method called software bundling. It is often bundled with free applications, and its installation is concealed within the installation process of these legitimate programs. Mac users may unknowingly install VirtualBalance when they download and install certain freeware without carefully reviewing each step of the installation process. It is crucial to exercise caution when downloading and installing applications, ensuring that you are aware of any additional programs that may be included.

Step-by-Step Guide to Remove VirtualBalance from Your Mac

Step 1: Scan Your Mac with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a trusted Mac utility application that can effectively detect and remove VirtualBalance and other adware and malware. Download SpyHunter from the official website and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, run a scan to detect and remove VirtualBalance from your Mac.

Try SpyHunter for Mac

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Download SpyHunter for Mac

MacOS versions

Step 2: Delete VirtualBalance from Mac Applications

Navigate to the Applications folder on your Mac and locate the VirtualBalance application. Drag the application to the Trash bin and then empty the Trash to completely remove VirtualBalance from your Mac.

Step 3: Remove Browser Extensions Linked to VirtualBalance

Open your preferred web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox) and access the Extensions or Add-ons settings. Locate any extensions related to VirtualBalance and uninstall or remove them from your browser.

Step 4: Delete Malicious Files Associated with VirtualBalance

Use the Finder app on your Mac to search for and delete any files associated with VirtualBalance. These files may be located in folders such as LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons, and Application Support. Be sure to thoroughly search for and remove all suspicious files.

Step 5: Check and Remove Profile Settings (if applicable)

Some adware, including VirtualBalance, may create profiles on your Mac that restrict your ability to change browser settings. Open System Preferences and navigate to the Profiles section. If you find any profiles related to VirtualBalance, delete them to regain control over your browser settings.

Step 6: Remove VirtualBalance from Homepage and Search Settings

Open your web browser and access the settings menu. Change your homepage to a preferred URL, replacing any settings related to VirtualBalance. Additionally, check your default search engine settings and remove any entries associated with VirtualBalance.

Optional Step: Removing Locked Files

If you encounter any locked files that cannot be deleted, use the Activity Monitor app on your Mac to force quit any processes related to VirtualBalance. This will allow you to delete the locked files without any issues.


VirtualBalance adware can significantly disrupt your browsing experience and expose your Mac to potential risks. By following this comprehensive guide, you can effectively remove VirtualBalance from your Mac and restore the security and functionality of your browser. Remember to regularly scan your Mac for malware and adware to ensure a safe and enjoyable browsing experience.

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