How to stop pop-ups on iPhone

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What is

If you are experiencing pop-ups and redirects on your iPhone or iPad, then your Safari browser is compromised. This usually happens after a user accidentally clicks on shady ads that redirect him to the scam website. site pops up stating that you won an iPhone and Samsung but need to complete a survey in order to get your prize.


After the survey is completed, you’ll be asked to choose a gift:


You should know that survey and supposedly the lack of some gifts is just a big scam to divert attention and make people think that they’re dealing with legitimate service. But the main surprise awaits them ahead: it turns out that you must pay for shipping:


Although the amount is not very large, we strongly urge not to pay them as it’s another scam. Imagine if everyone transfers money to them, it will not be such a small amount of money and they will be able to continue to do and improve their dirty work. You may follow this guide to stop pop-ups on iPhone or iPad

Recommended Anti-malware tools:

The easiest and modern way of removing pop-ups is to use automatic removal tools. See our Anti-malware tool below for further instructions.

Download Norton Antivirus

for ios

Alternative solution. Step 1: Remove from iPhone or iPad

This way is taken from

  1. Go to Settings and turn your phone into Airplane Mode
  2. Launch Safari
  3. Tap the overlapped squares in the lower right corner
  4. Close every page by tapping the “x” in the left upper corner of the page
  5. When there are no pages left press HOME (On an iPhone X or 11 series swipe up from the bottom edge) and wait a couple of seconds
  6. Double-press HOME (On an iPhone X or 11 series swipe up from the bottom edge and pause)
  7. Swipe up on the Safari image to kill it (On an iPhone X or 11 series touch and hold Safari, then swipe up)
  8. Press HOME again (On an iPhone X or 11 series swipe up from the bottom edge)
  9. Go to Settings/Safari and tap “Clear History and Website data
  10. Turn off Airplane mode
  11. Done

This process works with the current state of intrusive adware. If you have other methods to stop annoying pop-ups, please, feel free to leave comments. Any help will be appreciated.

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