How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer (Mac & Windows PC)

Millions of photographers may shoot photos by different devices: from iPhones to professional reflex cameras. A thousand gigabytes of images can be stored on several clouds, devices and media drives. But for people, who prefer iPhones as the main storage for their photos, a problem within the limited storage is very urgent. Even for experienced users, it’s not so easy to transfer photos (Contacts, Music, and Video) from iPhone or Android to Windows or Mac, both in other directions: from computer to iPhone, etc. But for editing, sharing, backing up it would be wonderful to have all your photos in one place, for example on your MacBook. If you need to export your photos from iPhone to Computer or vice versa, please read our article below

Recommended Solution

According to our experience, AnyTrans App really can help you to transfer your photos between all your devices and operational systems freely. The things you can do with Anytrans are exporting photos from iPhone or iPad to computer, and also from computer to iPhone/iPad, get any data from iTunes, iCloud, to another Clouds: Samsung Cloud, Mi Cloud, etc., to PC/Mac and editing items on your device from the computer.

You can use your Photos and Video without any limitations. Moreover, Anytrans allows you to manage your music and ringtones, download any data files to remote devices through wi-fi, Also, you can share your media between Android and iOS in one single app! AnyTrans is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or macOS 10.13 – OS X 10.7 Download AnyTrans


Free version has several restrictions, for getting access to full functionality you should purchase a license.

Installation and setting up

Click Download Anytrans button, choose Mac or Windows version and install AnyTrans. Then, choose your language and follow the guide to copy photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes.
Anytrans install

  1. Open Device manager
  2. You will be offered to download device driver – download it
  3. After that download and install AnyTrans on your device from AppStore or Google Play
  4. After that, connect open Anytrans on your device and connect it with PC/Mac


Transferring data

AnyTrans supports importing Camera Roll photos, PhotoStream, Photo Libraries, photos from iTunes, photo albums, etc. When the transferring process will finished, all your photos from iPhone will be saved in the selected folder
Choose your categories

  1. Run Device Manager
  2. Choose Camera Roll for the transferring
  3. Press run button


Written by Tim Kas

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