Uninstall a program in Windows 8 (8.1)

Windows 8 (8.1) is the newest OS from Microsoft as for May, 26 2014. Although, many interesting features were added the procedure of programs uninstallation is basically the same it was in Windows 7. You are going to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Uninstall a program and remove unwanted software by choosing it in the list and clicking Uninstall button. This will run standard uninstaller of this program and it will delete main folders and registry keys of this software. But during their work on your PC those programs (good or bad) can create numerous additional files, registry keys, etc. This information will not be deleted just by using standard Windows feature. There are special tools to find and remove this leftover info after installation called uninstallers. Today I will show you some of them that I use most of all:

Revo Uninstaller Pro – most powerful and famous uninstaller, can find leftover files, folders, registry keys etc. Has a lot of useful tools to perform regular maintenance of your operating system. It also can uninstall programs with broken uninstallers with special “Forced Uninstall” feature. Also has less functional free version.

Free Uninstall It – our new program where we try to collect best features from our competitors on the market, focusing on powerful leftover items scan and safety. It has one huge advantage – it is FREE.

IObit Uninstaller – it deserved its place in my list for its beautiful interface and several extremely helpful tools available along with it. For example, module for removing browser add-ons and plugins – cool feature, in our age of annoying advertising, to remove toolbars, adware extensions etc.

Uninstall a program manually

Here is manual (standard) way to uninstall a program in Windows 8 (8.1):

  1. Move your mouse in the bottom-right corner and wait until Menu will slide out
  2. In the Menu choose Settings and click on it
  3. windows 8 menu settings

  4. In opened menu choose Control Panel and click on it
  5. windows 8 menu control panel

  6. If you are in icons view choose Programs and Features
  7. windows 8 control panel

  8. Alternatively (in 8.1) you can do it by right clicking on Start and choosing Programs and Features
  9. windows 8 start programs and features

  10. In the list find desired (unwanted) program and click on it
  11. windows 8 programs and features

  12. Click Uninstall/Change button and program will be uninstalled

Uninstall a program using Revo Uninstaller Pro

As I said better way to remove programs and clean leftover items using one of the advanced uninstallers. For example, Revo Uninstaller Pro. You can download it here:

download button for Revo Uninstaller Pro

All you need to do is to find program you want to remove in the list (you can sort by name, or by date of installation) and click Uninstall button:

revo uninstaller pro run uninstall

After this, program will run uninstaller of the program and will offer you to search for leftover items:

revo uninstaller pro scan for leftover items

Just check items that are in bold and click Delete button. Click Finish button and you are done.

revo uninstaller pro scan results

Uninstall a program using Free Uninstall It

Another utility is our utility Free Uninstall It. You can find more information about it here, and you can download it here:

download button for free uninstall it

The process is similar – find program you want to uninstall in the list and click Uninstall button.

free uninstall it uninstall

It will run uninstaller. Then scan program will scan for leftover items and give you results. Just select them and click Delete selected.

free uninstall it scan results

Uninstall a program using IObit Uninstaller

Third one is IObit Uninstaller. Super nice and useful software. If your program creates browser extensions (or program you want to remove is browser add-on) this utility will help you remove it from all your browsers. Download it here:

download button for iobit uninstaller

And as usual you choose program to remove, and click Uninstall.

iobit uninstaller uninstall

After standard uninstaller is finished run Powerful Scan.

iobit uninstaller powerful scan

Finally check items you want to remove and click Delete.

iobit uninstaller scan results

Thats all. Looking forward for your suggestions and comments in comment box below. Hope this guide was useful.

Written by Aleksei Abalmasov


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