Crawler toolbar is a free application that can be installed as an addition to the freeware that you downloaded from the Internet. This program was created to speed up the internet browsing and downloading. Also it strengthens the vulnerabilities of the browser and prevents the penetration of viruses and other infections. Crawler toolbar is not malicious, but the search results that obtained through it can contain some commercial links. Also Crawler toolbar tries to alert you if it finds out anything interesting on the web pages that you visit. You can also listen to music with this toolbar. But if you don’t need this toolbar anymore or you was not going to install it, but did not notice the tick that you should have removed, installing some other free programs, then you should uninstall Crawler toolbar from your computer.

crawler toolbar

You should remember that this browser application is not malicious, so that’s why you can uninstall Crawler toolbar, using the common methods of program uninstallation. You can also uninstall it from the application itself or from the browser. So, we are going to begin with the method which can uninstall any program on your computer:

  1. Click on Start Menu.
  2. Then select Control Panel.
  3. After that you should click on Uninstall a program link.
  4. You will see the list of the programs that are installed on your computer. Find there the unwanted program and click on Uninstall button. Then you should follow the directions of the uninstall Wizard.

If this method was not helpful for you or you want to try something else you can use the following instructions:

  1. Click the Crawler button, then select Help.
  2. Click Uninstall.
  3. After that you should only confirm the uninstallation.

If these two steps were not effective and the application is still installed on your computer, then this application is fake and viral and you should perform some more effective methods. So, you can try to perform the following one in order to uninstall Crawler toolbar:

  1. You should boot your computer in Safe Mode. You can do it by yourself, just reboot your computer and press F8 repeatedly before Windows system will begin to start up, until you will see the black window with the Menu.
  2. Then you should use arrow keys on your keyboard in order to select Safe Boot with networking and press Enter.
  3. After that you can remove the files Crawler toolbar:
  4. C:Program FilesCrawler

  5. After that you should use any updated antivirus program, perform the full scan.
  6. Then you should use any registry cleaner to remove all the Crawler toolbar registry entries.

If you want one more method to choose among them the appropriate, then you can also use any uninstaller, for example Revo Uninstaller Pro, Your Uninstaller or Free Uninstall It, these programs will help you to get rid of Crawler toolbar. All the uninstallers are based on the principle to remove the parts of the unwanted program from your computer together with the main parts-the registry entries.

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