CursorMania is a program that allows you to choose the form of your cursor from a variety of about 7500 objects. It will also provide its users with numerous screensavers, smileys and other items that will help to personalize their computers. Some users might want to uninstall CursorMania for various reasons – some simply do need it and some think that their PC is much better without it. The program is not malicious but it does slow down your computer and it uses much CPU. Also, some people believe that this program collects personal information, browsing habits and sells it to interested parties. If you want this program uninstalled, follow our removal instructions.

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First of all, delete the CursorMania program through Control Panel.

At the bottom left corner of your desktop you can find the Start button (the button with the Windows sign), click on it and then click on Control Panel. Then double-click Programs and Programs and features (if you have Windows 7 or Vista) or Add/Remove Programs (if you have Windows XP). A new window will open. In the list of programs you need to locate “My Web Search (CursorMania)” or “CursoMania toolbar” and select it. Then you click on “Change/Remove” at the top of the list. Then in the uninstall dialogue window check the box beside “Remove my personal product settings when uninstalling” and then click Yes. This will uninstall CursorMania from your PC. Reboot.

You might also need to remove CursorMania toolbar, however, the solution might me slightly different for different browsers. Internet Explorer users can successfully remove it through Control Panel. Firefox users will need to access browser menu and select Add-ons>Extensions. Then they will need to locate CursorMania toolbar and remove it.
Safari users should open the Finder applications and browse to Applications. Then they will need to scroll down until they find Toolbars and then select CursorMania. Double-click Uninstall and follow the instructions. Chrome users can easily get rid of CursorMania: all they will need to do is go to chrome://extensions/ in their browser. Then they will need to find CursorMania and uninstall it.

If you have Macintosh, here is the way how to remove CursorMania from it (Firefox users only).

  1. First open your Firefox browser and select Tools from the menu. Then select Add-ons from the drop-down menu
  2. Now locate and select MyWebSearch Toolbar and then click Uninstall.
  3. Follow the instructions to uninstall it from your PC.
  4. Finally click Restart Firefox (you can find the button at the top of the Add-ons dialog box)

However, CursorMania might not be completely uninstalled through Control Panel or with the help of browser uninstaller. A specialized automatic tool will come to your rescue if you need to uninstall CursorMania completely. The Free Uninstall It tool is the only safe way to get rid of all the leftovers of the program. The tool will locate and remove all the files and registry values connected with the program. Do not worry, no special knowledge is required from you, the Free Remove It program is very easy to use. With it you can be 100% sure that CursorMania is fully removed from your computer.

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