Google Desktop is a special program that was created to make easier the search in e-mails, files, music files, images, chat rooms and in viewed in a browser web page. The program let to search the needed files instantaneously, sort the results by relevance and by some other parameters and see the quotations from the found files. The previous name of the program was Google Desktop Search. Nowadays you can not download this program because Google closed this project and also there many modern analog programs. So you are free to uninstall Google Desktop if you want to get rid of it or just change to something more up-to-date. Just follow the instructions given below:

  1. The most common solution of this problem is the method with the usage of Add/Remove Programs system utility. Click “Start” button and select “Programs”. Find “Google Desktop”, click on it and select “Uninstall Google Desktop”.
  2. If the previous simple method did not solve you problem, then you can try for example this manual method:

    – Open Registry editor, navigate and delete the following registry entries:

    • Hkey_Current_UserSoftwareGoogleGoogle Desktop
    • Hkey_Local_MachineSoftwareGoogleDesktopInstalledNTUserName
    • Hkey_Local_MachineSoftwareGoogleDesktopInstalledUserSID

    – Reboot your computer.

    – Delete all the Google Desktop files in this directory: C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAME-THAT-NO-LONGER-EXISTSLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleGoogle Desktop

  3. If these two methods were not helpful for you in the process of Google Desktop removal, you can try any special removal tool. So you can find and download any uninstaller. Uninstallers were created to remove some programs from the system if the common methods did not let to do it. So, we can advise you to use any uninstaller you like, for example Revo Uninstaller Pro, IObit Uninstaller or Free Uninstaller.

    So, these special tools also can be used in a case when the manual methods are not appropriate for you, because you are not very experienced in the computer repair sphere. You need not delete the registry entries and the files of the program by yourselves, any good uninstaller will uninstall Google Desktop in several minutes by itself. Just let it do it. The uninstallers has the advantage over the manual method also in the professionalism and accuracy of the program. There are no so many people, who know for sure what registry entries and system files he or she should remove. Uninstaller will uninstall Google Desktop in several minutes because it knows exactly what it does.

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